• @jimmyszeto He wasn't just a waiter, it was just a day job. He was a small time loan shark associated with the Macau 14K triad. And then when macau issued the new gambling licenses in the early 2000's, he supposedly made his first multi-millions by loan sharking and money laundering for the 14K. Then, he went legit "loan sharking" and junket operating under Galaxy Casinos.
  • This is going to sound sexist, but all the female winners are somewhat undeserving except Mayanne. WTH happened, did all the actresses make side deals or something. Ali, Elena, and Kristal were not necessarily better but definitely just as good. And they make more sense since they're actually the lead actress in their shows. Natalie should have won BSA not BA. Hell even Moon Lau was better than Rebecca Zhu and should have won BSA if Natalie took BA. And even with Mayanne, she's great as a host/MC but the award is kinda of odd I guess. I would think it's meant for actresses who actually appear in dramas and what not, guess you just can't beat Carol Cheng.
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