• @hohliu I thought so too. I really wanted to like it and all and theres no doubt that shes absolutely gorgeous! But her exotic looks [in my humble opinion] are too modern for a xianxiaaaa
  • Was at her age one point and totally understand. She's at that age where shes blossoming and trying to find her passion in life. Hopefully she'll continue to find her calling. I honestly think that your opinion on others is a true reflection of your mindset. No one wants to be known as blank's wife. Celebrities know "fans" like that exist. That's why they're trying so hard to peel that image off by going out there and doing gigs/interviews without their husbands. And yet, it's still not enough because those same "fans" will continue to use that to go against them. Its truly a shame. Save all that negativity and give it to things that are truly worthy of it
  • @hohliu Ditto. I find it ironic how the same people who always bash on them. are always leaving comments on their articles...... I think their PR team is doing a great job! To quote PT Barnum and Mr. Wild, "there is no such thing as bad publicity ... " because "the only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about. "
  • @purplerain @theyenman - I totally agree with you two. I’ve read many of the comments about Jacqueline and Andy, but this is the first time I have commented. I agree with you that a lot of the comments are way over the top. I don’t understand why people get so upset over celebrities they do not know personally. Yes, they are public figures and all, but so what? Their lives does not affect you or most likely anyone you know personally. And just because they are celebrities, it does not give the people the right to cyber bully them. Sure, what Jacqueline and Andy did was horrific and deserve criticism, but if it continues over and over again, then that becomes bullying. Both Andy and Jacqueline have apologized, and we hope they have really learned their lesson. Sammi has forgiven, and Kenneth has said to move on and let this issue passed. If the 2 people who are most affected by this scandal can move on, why can’t everyone else. Just leave them be and everyone should just move on with their lives. Doesn’t everyone have more important and productive things to do than to constantly comment on this issue on a daily basis? Are the lives of celebrities that important?
  • @purplerain Totally agree. For all the people to feel the need to continually harp on her and Andy, and flooding her family's social media with hate messages is way over the top. And before some of you start criticizing me for defending two cheaters, I'm not. I'm just calling you guys out on your internet bullying. It's really no different than kids who bully other kids on the internet. If you eventually drive the girl to depression or harming herself, I wonder how many of you who contributed to it will feel any remorse. Oh, but of course you won't, because you would have justified your bullying by saying the parties involved should not have cheated in the first place, and that because they're celebrities, they should expect to take the heat for doing anything wrong. Fair enough, I get that that comes with the territory. But some of the comments, even on here are just way over the top and dramatic. I hope you guys don't teach your kids to treat other kids who've made mistakes the same way.
  • @theyenman **clap clap clap** the only mature comment on here with their head on straight. I've been a silent reader for years but some of these comments are too ridiculous. Some of y'all are defending your actions and thats soo funny lol.. 'We can bully her and leave these malicious comments to get through to her just in case she doesn't learn from her mistakes or see the other comments.' Lol wtf All joking aside, I'm a woman and I know women. Some women will tear any other woman to shreds if given the chance. Jacqueline is one of them but thank God She's been caught! But there are also a few of those women on here. Who cares if she's a celebrity or an "influencer"? If you're that easily influenced by a celebrity then you seriously need a reality check. Granted what she did was absolutely horrible and I honestly feel for Sammi. But at the end of the day, you reap what you sow. Let her past eat her up. And if its not, shes just not there yet. Move on and stop defending your persecuting ways. Us silent readers are too embarrassed for you!
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