• @mike @llwy12 we should appreciate internal affairs because u probably wont see any of the casts anymore in future tvb dramas
  • I feel that the story line isn't as intense anymore. And the problems do not compile. This is a big issue because for me, I did not feel how their hardship as a family and how they resolve them. Back in the 1st franchise, the BIG problem was the second wife and how many other problems she's brought to the family. The 3rd installment was more on 1 problem come and go, and the next one comes in. The worst part was Ah Kau being the 'main villain'. He only became different in the last few episodes. I felt that they have accelerated and underestimated how one person who was good, turned bad and became good again. How is that possible? They should have at least made him a bad person from the beginning and then slowly portrait his character to loving his family again. And Ah Kau was not even greedy to begin with but AMBITIOUS. Money was never his target but achievement. Michelle Yim's character was so passive. They should have given her a most aggressive role in protecting her daughter against Kyle and to a point where her husband would hate her for it. Instead of a small backstabber which has almost no impact at all. The ending was horrible. It's undeniable that Jeng Ba meant alot to his family. How is it that only Alan was by his side when he got up from coma? There's no sense of family. Instead, they should have placed all family members beside him when he woke up. Jeng Ba should have stared at Ah Kau who's crying and asking him for forgiveness. Jeng Ba should have then cried as well then telling him that it's ok as we're family then END. Wouldn't that be better? Some parts did touch me as an audience but I felt the storyline could have been better. (P.s Personal opinion)
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