• I love watching kay's screen time. Had to fast forward all the fillers in this series. Every episode was disappointing because the screen time for the main characters was so minimal. Script was horrible. The only memorable script was Moon's when she was talking to Eddie. This would have been a great movie. They could have finished this series in 20 episodes. No sequel please.
  • @funnlim I have to agree with you he's not ugly. Not at all. I just saw a video of him and Linda leaving their wedding banquet. He has nice features and character. The first picture posted above is pretty horrible. Like those people magazines that like to capture angry moments of celebrities. I think all he needs is a modification to his current haircut, and eat more healthy to refine his skintone. His skin does look a little rough.
  • @prettyjen there's absolutely no secret lol. Had Linda met her husband in the earlier years this whole age thing wouldn't be an issue. He would be 8 years younger. Even if hes 47, the age gap between the two is 16 years. Regardless, I think they are both very lucky to have found happiness within each other. Nowadays it's hard to get married because people mind about the looks so much. Sometimes the inside is more admirable than the outside. Like how he just dropped off the bread. He's a keeper! I wouldn't want some sweet talking men who can socialize with anyone and cast lust spells everywhere. There are a lot of men out there who are dating material but absolutely not husband material. This Jeremy guy looks like husband and father material. The fact he is a professional is a bonus =good genes for future generation. Plus he's capable of making money. So people can't say Linda likes him for the money. She probably makes more. I think the only negative side I see about him is his Chinese isn't great. I like this couple. Sincere and down to earth. People should really get over his age. Dating someone around her age isnt better and left her with nothing, her ex is a perfect example. I read in magazines that she sacrificed a lot when dating her ex and was even frozen because she was focused on dating.. not sure how true that is but I never saw her much on TV for a while until K9
  • This is one of the best marriage I've seen with TVB actresses with the exception of Cathy Tsui. Congrats to Linda. Age and looks don't matter once you've found the right one. I don't get why so many fans can't get over the fact actresses should be with hot guys, idealistic don't you think? or fans just haven't really experienced life yet?
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