• He sounds whiny. And oh lucky him that he has ppl to help him but unfortunately there are many people who don’t get enough postpartum support and can’t afford night nurses.
  • Gosh who are these TVB actors/actresses? Honestly they all look and sound the same to me these days....
  • this thread is pointless and leads to no end. A conversation that started out as being obnoxious. For chrissake, it’s Rafael (better than Stormy in my most honest and humble opinion)
  • @rowrowpower everyone is entitled to their own opinions which is why I often visit this website not only for the entertainment content, but also for the different views which makes the article more interesting. However, when certain comments are purely so subjective to the point where it intrudes people’s beliefs, social, political, religious etc..is when the discussion turns “ugly.” Also I don’t see any issues if someone were to ask if I was Spanish, even if I was ethnic Chinese with a Spanish name. Nor would I be offended if someone assumed I was Japanese, Korean etc. It’s part of socializing and people are curious by nature... However, to imply that such a name was pretentious, ridiculous or embarrassing is clearly more offensive than just asking someone’s ethnic background. Because, when was the last time you heard name calling - kindergarten? Just wanted to also add that I respect “jimmy” for strongly defending his views. You need both sides of the coin to make a discussion interesting and I look forward to more of his posts.
  • The type of comments that this article triggered just shows how closed minded Chinese people are.....just saying.
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