• @rozzstar HK viewers have no clue. They prefer idol series or family feuding series. Anything with a bit gloom of series, with hidden messages that requires thinking then viewers dismiss as terrible. Look at when Heavens Burn, Dance of Passion and Master of Play. Those are top series with depth but the low ratings. Jonathan Chik is the best producer/director TVB have ever had and he has been so under appreciated...
  • @funnlim do HK viewers not like this genre of drama series? I thought it was quite unique storytelling wise, it also had an actual plot unike Deep in the realm... such an underrated drama.
  • @rozzstar I see! So he took the clue and went with it. Luckily he isn't stupid. That dead emperor is really a jerk to his own son. I think the dou kou issue can be filed under oh-ohhh moment. I wouldn't mind he shen killing her. That man is insane. As much as emperor is psycho.
  • @funnlim I was slightly confused over Dou Kou also. The imperial edict was basically that the genuine one should be fire and waterproof. But Qian Long had a fake one on top of which He Shen can write anything he wants. If he had just said something like he will leave the city, Jia qing could have given in to him. But he pushed his luck, so Jia qing recalled that Qian Long told him he will help him "light up a 'fire' " I'm personally pleased with the ending. It's logical in my opinion and i was basically praying that there wouldnt be some silly or comedic ending where he shen manages to escape his eventual demise. I agree with you on Shaun, I thought he is very suitable for the role. He does have a very magnetic and powerful voice. Shaun and Selena also had a good pairing in this series, it showed the softer and gentler side of Jia Qing.
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