• @s207 Then you should also give Jacqueline Wong a chance no? All she did was also felt in love w/married man if she wanted to call it love like AY called herself even knowing he had a family but only difference was JW got caught on video. Oh wait, JW had it a bit worse situation as the the 3rd party's wife is a much loved singer that everyone loves and also she had a BF? Everyone isn't as forgiving so they are digging up her colorful past and in the news daily over this and the guy practically has no news after that crying apology fiasco. JW is wrong no doubt but if ppl can forgive women like AY or that Michelle Reis and all those women who are willing mistresses then this one isn't that much worse? All because she is/was still in a relationship w/another actor that's the only difference. lol.....
  • I actually don't understand many have to comment that Anita has to tolerate cheating because she was once in an extramarital affair. She came out of that 3rd party relationship, start new with another man and wish to be in a committed relationship. I don't see anything wrong with it. Is it because someone had committed mistake in the past, they should then be condemned forever? Please think about this. Everyone should be given a chance to change for the better
  • just have to say that the people leaving comments in this site are pretty bias. All had to point finger to Donnie when he and wife were treated with impoliteness from a non asian descent person.
  • @llwy12 hi. you do know that wei ying luo's voice is dubbed right? the same with many other characters including Empress Fuca. It's commonly done in many chinese historical dramas (e.g Zhen Huan) as many young people now doesn't speak proper chinese like in the past
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