• Yeah, It's a tough call. ofcource you want people to start off on the right foot when you get married. They have been dating since 2017. I'm sure they probably have built up a great relationship up to now. He seems like a classy guy for standing by her. I dont watch too many Chinese dramas only a few every few months. So, can't comment on eithers acting. I'm pretty sure their both under tremendous pressure from their family and friends if their marriage was already planned and to go through with it as planned. They should take 3+ months off, have a rethink. And take it from there. The ball is literally in Ashley's court, meaning no mess ups from here on. This would put her under alot of pressure. I dont know if its healthy or not for her and him. 3 year old relationship is not that old. I think their both around 34, not getting any younger. If He/She are willing to settle down have kids. Then I think it should be ok, IF they are ready. But if He/She are still ambitious about reaching new highs in their careers. There will be be alot of hot scenes to come, lol. Maybe not the right move and should move their relationship bck to as good friends for now. Him/Her/Me/You cheating is nothing knew, it should not happen though. Its embarrassing when your family, friends, etc., find out about it. But it can happen to the best of the best. So to make the long story short which is already quite long. There are no kids involved, he needs to trust her same as b4 and she shouldn't marry him out of guilt. And media will be a million times more aggressive. Wish them the best!!
  • Yeah, these things do happen. We do not live in a perfect world. Feel for his pregnant wife. The two involved are going through some rough times among their families and friends. Best, we leave them alone and let them work it out and learn from their mistakes and move on.
  • Agree, children are spoiled these days. Should be working at Burger King, etc., when they turn legal. Let them save up a little.
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