• @m0m0 I thought so too until I watch ‘because of you’. He was very charismatic and has a really nice smile. He was very good,funny, loyal and furiously protective of his gf in the drama. He really grew on me. I think he’s really adorable. Give that drama a try.
  • @peanutbutterjelly true. She's saying something like 'I haven't dated the opposite sex in years. But NOW I'm dating.' It really could mean anything. She could be dating the opposite sex now or she could be dating someone of the same sex. Plus substituting the word opposite sex with men/boyfriend in her sentence doesn't change the ambigious meaning. Also the order of the sentences might matter. If she said 'I like some now, but I haven't dated the opposite sex in years'. It does slight different meaning from 'I haven't dated the opposite sex in years but now I have someone I like'. Really depends what word she used in the interview. Either way it doesn't affect me. Whatever she likes.
  • This is stupid. I've had friends that said stuff like 'I haven't had a boyfriend for 10 months.' Or 'I haven't had a serious relationship with guys in years'. Never once did I assume they were talking about joining the 'other team' with a start of a new relationship. She was saying she hasn't dated guys in the past 4 years but now there's someone she likes. The person now could still be a guy. Smh at the reader's play on her words.
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