• I replied to @passingby to agree that we shdn't need such brainwork to enjoy a drama. Overall EITS was enjoyable and I would rate it 3 stars. I had reviewed this review but as before, my review was deleted...so much for freedom of comments in this site :) nvrmind, objectivity doesn't seem to be welcomed, so I shan't waste my time retyping my comments. Just a word to reviewer/commentators, avoid being so negative and lopsided. Just because you don't enjoy EITS or its character(s) doesn't mean it is 1 star or its is bad, and doesn't mean others don't/can't. It irks me to read such negative reviews cos I don't see how EITS was that bad. It wasn't meant to be entirely SH or heavy. That's why you find intrigue and humor. Yes, there are shortcomings but overall it can't be just 1 star. Well, each to our own opinions. Be more open to others comments too.
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  • I didnt want to waste time reading thru yr whole review. Seeing a one star rating shows a personal lop-sided review. Agree with passingby that we shdnt need so much brainwork. I enjoyed the drama. Intrigue mixed with some light hearted humor. Was entertained. KC was good. His acting matured. His emotions amidst his coolness was touching. Ruco was dramatic. Tavia showed her versatility in a nerdy role. This wasnt meant to be a completely heavy drama & overall it met the purpose. There were irrelevant parts & characters. Didnt know what the writer was thinking abt having those added in. Overall tho, many enjoyed EITS. I rate it a 3. I dont know why EITS comes under such close & critical scrutiny. There were commentaries bias at most, for every episode. And now this critical review. I dont read such episode by episode for other dramas. As an audience, i suggest that you stop reviews & commentaries. Let us enjoy the dramas without bias & critical reviews. Let each audience watch & judge for ourselves. EITS is a pretty good drama but you are just too negative in yr reviews. Who asks for yr opinions anyway? Are you all professional reviewers/commentators? Otherwise dont flaunt yr views as tho you are...i personally find it irritating that views are rather negative/lop sided. You dont enjoy it, doesnt mean others dont. Its better if you keep yr opinions to yr self and let others enjoy the drama.