• The ratings gives absolutely no justification of how precious and wonderful this drama is. I would not dare change anything about this drama even if I had the power to do so. It is just too perfect. A masterpiece indeed! Words cannot express how much this drama has touched my heart. I am so thankful to everyone who has been a part of this drama: the director, writer, casting agents, production crew, and of course all the beloved actors. The message of this drama is so pure and very timely especially in our current situation where depression is inadvertent. The portrayal of each character is impecable! But I must say that out of all, Oh Jung Se really impressed me. He was so pure and lovable as Moon Sang Tae! I am hoping that this drama sweeps the award ceremonies this year. This drama made me laugh, smile and cry all at the same time. The message of this drama is just too beautiful. Truly, IT'S OKAY TO NOT BE OKAY because it is what makes us human. Nevertheless, we must do our best to overcome our difficulties and not let the past trap us.
  • @sharleen22 Same thoughts! I was going to start watching when it was almost done airing, but the trailers I saw were too attractive! But I regret starting cause waiting the 5 days for the weekend is such torture :(
  • @sharleen22 I agree and wonder why she said that she is mentally unstable. Zheng Shuang seems very simple and down to earth.
  • @annebee that's so mean for you to say. You are implying that a person who is "a bit mentally unstable" should not be loved. I am not a fan of ZS but I don't think that you should be talking about mental health in such an ignorant and careless manner. Besides, who are you to diagnose her as mentally unstable?
  • It's Okay to not be Okay is actually a really good drama. I love how it explores mental health especially considering that some Koreans still find it as a problem meant to be kept within oneself. Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Ye Ji both deliver outstanding performances making me empathize with their characters. Honestly, my one regret with this drama is watching it when it has not finished airing because a week of waiting is driving me crazy hahaha. That's how good this drama is!
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