• If you dont let your kids find out for themselves, it just digs deeper into the problems. Its obvious to see that Etta has a lot of deep issues, as growing up in the spotlight and knowing that your actual father wants nothing to do with you can put anyone in a bad mental state. She obviously thought that by walking away from all that and starting her own life on her terms was what she needed and its not turned out that way. Think Elaine has to be just be open and there for her when Etta needs her. However Elaine has to bear some of the blame for her past actions as a adult, as a parent and I think she has come to terms with her faults but to let Etta come to her rather than the other way round and to give her space. However as for JC, he is the biggest offender of it all. Openly saying he wanted nothing to do with the child and trying to justify what most men do. I think his son said more on the matter and how he wanted to protect his mother from his fathers fault was more accepting than anything that JC has commented on in this matter. As many people in his industry has said he is a monster and the worse kind of man you can come across.
  • Whatever the future holds, it is for them both to sort out, out of the public eye. Whether it was an open secret or not, it no longer matter. They need to decide whether their love for one another is worth fighting for and totally ignore what the public or media think. Fans are only there for as long as your public want to hear or see you, but a marriage or a life partner is the one that is there for you and in the real world to battle through lives ups and downs. Come on who doesnt do the wrong thing, this happens everyday around the world, Andy was wrong, but its not for us to judge and forgive, it is for his wife and his family to work together to decide what road they take in the future whether it is together or apart, they have to decide if they want the same things. if not then to let them free to find the happiness they want.
  • @duality totally agree! I am guessing many famous people do this but no one knows about it.
  • The comments are a bit mean about Linda's husband. External appearance is not the most important surely, kindness and caring nature is surely considered to be things we look in a person to be their life partner?? I think if Linda changed him, then he wouldnt be the person she fell in love with? If he feels out of place thats because society makes it look that way. Some people just do not find it that important. Good luck to them and good to see someone who has everything, beauty, established career and opportunities realising that family is to come first over all of that. Not all actresses whatever level we think they are as the audience can let go of all that fame and glam to live back into a normal life. I am sure she will be back to do advertising and single contract productions like many do, its probably provides her with the flexibility to fit it in with her home life.
  • Why do the media get so creative when they write about peoples private lives. Its up to them who they date, see or marry whatever nationality. In this day and age, no matter how reserved the Hong Kong population is, we have to accept that there will be more and more mixed relationships and marriages its been happening around the world and its no big deal. Also is it better we only marry or date our own nationality, or is better we find happiness with our better halves for what they are no matter what, even if they are not chinese.
  • Sorry isn't he in a club with friends, when have you been to a club where you can talk without being close up to someone in order for someone to hear you???? This isn't a story and whoever took this picture was there to try and make a quick buck. He was socialising with friends who have come over to visit and being a British Chinese too, I know when we go back to Hong Kong we do tend to hang out this way, so its really no big deal.
  • I am sure Etta will develop into a very beautiful person if people will leave her alone to grow up out of the limelight. Come on, her mum's comments were probably taken out of context and also no parent gushes about how beautiful their children are unless they are attention seeking. One thing Etta needs to do is to find her own identity, all she needs to do is to look at her brother to notice that being Jackie Chan's child is not easy. Also maybe her Mum needs to also find her own identity too other than being Jackie Chan's ex-mistress for her own daughter's sake.
  • Ocean view in London ... never knew London was near the ocean??? very in accurate. South Quay is in London Docklands, It probably has dock view and if its positioned right, then it will have the view of the Thames. But if her partner is a Tycoon, it would be interesting to why he chose London Docklands over somewhere in the centre of London. However property prices in London Docklands is way over priced and cannot be compared to those in the centre of London in any count.
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