• @freedalas. First: please do not comment on something that its not on topic Second: you must having a bad day, when U write this ridiculous comment About WCL Third: don't be jealous at him. If you work hard and don't write stupid things "like this one" anymore, you maybe Will find your luck.
  • If the script is good, Chin Kar lok maybe have a chance to win the tv king haha!!!
  • Lucky for me i didn't watch CHL 1. So i Will watch CHL 2.
  • Please stop praising grace Chan. She need more acting practice. Anoying in raising the bar. Like a wood in overachievers. I am agree with you About "hurting eyes". I take my words back about Tracy Chu. She is getting Better. Tracy have the Same path as mandy Wong. First Some 3rd supporting actress then second. Then 3rd lead. We Will see it EU overtime "i think that Will be her first drama as first lead actress" Maybe your right. The roles are not suitable for those 5 actress i Mentioned. The drama's from tvb are really DRAMATIC in 2015. 2 of them are OK "noblisse oblige and smoothtalker" "madam cutie on dutie". was also great because i am a really mandy Wong fan when she act as a "Sie Lai". Also like to watch Raymond cho to play as her husband. So it not a castingproblem. It's a scriptproblem. Tvb need to create Some great Stories. Otherwise the rating Will still dropping.
  • Tracy chu sisley Choi and grace Chan? Top 3 bad actress. Still tvb promote them. I am agree with Jjwong. Elaine Yiu, Nancy Wu and Tracy Ip are better then those 3 need to play 3rd our 4th support actress. No leading role, no uncle love. The ratings are going lower and lower. I understand that myolie Kate tavia charmaine kristal Linda are all expensive, but why those 3?!! I can give you a HAND of actress Who deserve more. Elaine Yiu: one of my favourite Best in "lifetime of a Sentinel" was really good in "raising the bar". Even as cameo in "beauty knows no pain" Joyce tang: lots of Experience. Best performance: a step in to the past Even if "king of snooker" was bad. Het performance was great in acting as little auntie. Nancy Wu: deserve the most as a big sister. Best performance: "rosy business" Like her in "twin of brother" Awesome Vilain in tiger Cubs Selina Li: still don't know why tvb don't promote her more. Best performance: cant buy me love As cameo in "forensic heroes 2" it was dissapointed that the 3rd installemnt didn't aproach het to get a role. Tracy ip: Best performance: beyond really of concience Was great to portray the ex from Raymond in "moonlight reasonAnce" Like on the other blog. Suites to act like a big sister or a madam.
  • Benjamin and Vincent are fine. Tracy Chu Instead is a gamble. Loveley girl ans beautifull, but "like many other new lead actress" can't act. Benjamin was great as a thirlead male in Change of heart. Now playing his first secondlead male. Let see how he handel this. Vincent. Good evil spolied hard or smart. He cab portray any role he want. Also a good face to see on television. First time saw him in "war of in-laws" playing a spoiled arrogant person. Great acting. I think EU is his first time to play firstlead. Hopely he won't let us down.
  • Roger is a great actor. Good, evil or dumb. Superb!! Like him in square pegs, black heart white soul, but most like him is in Good: to get unstuck in time and evil: last man standing. Black heart white soul was a great drama. Roger was a great Vilain. Esspecialy the ending scène. Staying with tvb is good, because he knows there are to manny competitors in mainland. In HK he is one of the BIG BRO and the first lead-male in tvb. His new drama "the last imperial physician" Will be "even if the story sucks" a good rating, because of him. Tvb needs to brainstorm his writers-crew. All those years in the 90's and the 00 "my timeline" many great drama's. Now i just need one hand to count Which drama was good. Where are those great plots en those suprrising elements? We need that and Roger need that too!!
  • First, Congratulations! Tracy ip is like many of other actrice. Really attractive. But as a lead actress? I think she can't. Maybe a second or a third lead role. A madam in a Cops-drama shall fit her. A beautifull tough woman, close cases with his group. Our a rich Powerfull woman, Who Will do anything to gain her goals.
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