• @funnlim One of the very few deserving winners... BA: Anthony Wong & Nancy Wu BSA: Wai Kar Hung & Elaine Yiu Fave: Ruco & Kristal Improved: Tony & Grace I like Nancy and hope she'll get more opportunities from now on, but Ghost of Relativity... I'm not sure what to say about it that hasn't already been said. I would've also liked to see Matt and Rosina win the Most Improved awards instead, but oh well.
  • @kidd Not sure about the timing or whether it was made by TVB, but I remember seeing a film version starring Alice Lau and Louisa So back in the 90's. I think a lot of the actors from the theatre/stage version were cast in this film. Shame we don't get to see Choi Hiu Yee around any more - I probably liked her best out of the four in the ATV version.
  • Her acting's not great, but she showed promise in roles where she played against type (e.g. A Journey Called Life). I always feel that the biggest thing holding her back is her mindset; she seems to be lacking in confidence and ambition. Perhaps she should've tried learning a thing or two from Fala.
  • I've only seen a few of HKTV's productions thus far - ranging from average to good - but this has to be my absolute favourite. Was kinda worried Noel was getting a little shouty at the beginning, but I think she settled in and handled her role well. But like many viewers, my favourite character and performance had to be Catherine's. She showed a bit of promise in the (very few) somewhat prominent roles TVB gave her, but I was really surprised at how much she is actually capable of. It's good that HKTV has provided a platform for these lesser known artists to flex their acting skills. I think TVB does that kind of well in some of their sitcoms, too, when it comes to casting and shining a light on the artists that would've been kelefes in any other dramas.
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