• @sophiej That was before they converted. They both mention it briefly in their testimonies without naming names or too many details of how intimate they had become but both do seem to have sincere remorse and shame about the affair so people have forgiven them as both have moved on as different people. JW and AH's remorse has yet to be seen and their case is a whole lot worse since JW premeditated her double-cheating and AH is a repeat offender. It is the same case with Sire Ma in how she planned to steal her friend's woman. It is more morally unacceptable to steal your friend's partner and betray that trust and friendship, when compared to cheating with a woman who has no link to the third party. It is easier to forget KW/ST's case since we have only heard about it with not too many details. Whereas the images of JW/AH in the taxi have been imprinted in our memory forever or of Sire Ma dancing in her black lingerie. Visual memory is the hardest to forget.
  • Both KW an Sharon had cheated before. I thought of them are devout Christians
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