• @sophiekin “it’s the only historical drama on tv atm” yet it barely create any noise? Idk about China, but before it airs, there were so many articles talk about its potential and why it’s a must see. After it airs, no article at all. So the series, while shot decently, it just doesn’t leave much impression with the viewers. You said Jaynestar article got it wrong but is it really? What it said is true, NIF2 was a success but it did not leave a deep impression as NIF, that’s indisputable, literally everyone have seen 1 and 2 had said the exact same thing. So what if 2 wins this and that awards, it didn’t outdo 1, and that was the point of the article? The article also correct in saying LHR isn’t making any noise with his work despite being very talented, he needs perhaps a bit of luck (and since he’s young, good chance it will come is what the article is trying to say), look at the main actors in the untamed. Initially everyone is like no skill, bad actor, at the end, their stardom is shot up the sky! And everyone is like they are so talented. Stop being butt hurt about your idol :)
  • As expected of trash tabloid from Hong Kong. Most you do is keep reporting false and misleading news just for clicks. NEF is doing fine with the average TV rating about 1% in non-prime time slot. It's the only historical drama aired on TV at the moment. LHR is the reason people watched it and he's won a lot of praises for his acting. But extreme book fans are the ones that did black marketing because they couldn't accept some changes made. The Twins was filmed in 2015, when he just debuted. Even LHR and his team didn't promote it at all on Weibo. The director of the film also didn't acknowledg or recognise the film as it had so many changes and cuts. LHR originally supposed to be the twin but the producer cut a lot of his scenes and make Chen Duling as the twin and affect the story a lot. NiF2 is doing great as a follow-up to its widely-acclaimed predecessor. It won a lot of acclaim on the story and acting and was nominated for Best Drama, Best Cinematography, Best Director at the prestigious Magnolia Awards, something that even most popular drama couldn't make it. His commercial value remains strong as he ranked #19 by Forbes China for its Top 100 Celebrities. He's also had long list of active endorsements and is a spokesperson for luxury brands TOD'S and TOM FORD. If this is what you call not doing well, then most of young actors wish to be like him. He's allowed to make a mistep because he's so young. Nevertheless he's still one of the most popular post-95 out there with strong filmography. Thanks for your unnecessary concern, Addy.
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