• @happybi I agree, there's too much going on in the photos. I thought they were selling a new sexy clothing/lingerie line at first. Jeannie and Fala looks the best here imo,
  • @megamiaow What you're saying is totally true, the surrounding culture, the societal expectations and peer pressure all play a role in enabling and condoning this kind of lifestyle where the mom is the main caregiver of the children. I get so exasperated whenever I see news articles or editorials expressing how Asian countries (e.g. HK, China, Korea etc.) are becoming more modern and progressive. Hell no. They still have a million miles to go before actually becoming anything like USA or Canada in terms of establishing equality and respecting minorities. However, in this case, I think there's a good chance that Aimee may not follow the crowd. Unlike her other contemporaries, she does state she wants to work again and she did film a movie when she already had her two sons.
  • @megamiaow I know how it looks unfair and sexist and old fashioned to outsiders, but no one here actually knows what Aimee is thinking and her reasons behind this decision. Since she did grew up in Canada, and she has a more Western mindset, I do believe she would not force herself to be a fulltime mom and wife if she didn't want to. Right now, it's likely a temporary situation and she does mention going back to work, so she might return after she's done breastfeeding and all the kids are enrolled in preschool. I totally agree with how Asian celebs in general differ so much compared to the other Western celebs. Hardly any mothers keep playing lead roles, and it's a real pity. Wish there can be more progress, the ones I can name are Lee Bo Young, Eugene, Kay Tse.
  • @jjwong @llwy12 Yup, I agree that she gotta learn how to be more guarded about her personal life... It sounds like she's treating the media and reporters like her friends and just answering and even volunteering details without hesitation. It's one thing to be open and friendly but she's forgetting that when there's a mic in front of her, she's saying those things to the rest of the world. Also, I do believe and feel the same way about her mentality clashing with her boyfriend's mindset. Despite others working out fine with the big age gap, there is that added risk of generation gap, It seems like Grace, being raised in Canada, may have significantly different opinions about publicizing her life opposed to Kevin's. I remember Kevin never really taking the initiative to confirm any of his past relationships and it was probably Grace who wanted it to be disclosed in the first place.
  • @kaykay408 No, I don't think she is throwing shade at anyone. She's basically saying the truth without sugarcoating it, which is quite nice for a change. When she states the "negative things about me", she's alluding to the false rumours by the media about her being the third party in Vincent's marriage (which is 100% fake) and how she was misleadingly portrayed as a seducer and a woman without principles. Cheers to Jacqueline for keeping it real and also giving Natalie empathy and support.
  • @kidd Yup, totally agree with your views. Tony might have a more boyish and easygoing reputation from his jokes and interviews but he is actually quite serious and thoughtful if you go through his social media feeds and watch his travel shows. Plus he was the one who actively pursued her from the start and she was the passive one who accepted and seemed to just settle and compromise. Their whole rship always felt really off to me, like they were only friends joking around rather than a couple in love.
  • @kaykay408 Late reply but gotta say that i think the exact opposite. Natalie seems like a more materialistic, go with the flow girl who follows the crowd whereas Tony actually tries to break the trend and stand out from the crowd. He does have an easygoing attitude, but he also is a thinker judging from his past social media posts about supporting worthy causes and commentary about news/current events. In fact, early on in the relationship, I remember him mentioning about changing Natalie's opinions and mindset about travelling and shopping. He wanted her to travel with purposes other than shopping or touristy attractions, and instead learn about the culture/lifestyle etc... more like how his travel documentaries are.
  • @creditor I kinda know what you mean, especially when you consider all of linda's friends and her peers and how they handled their weddings. Nearly everyone (myolie, aimee, eliza, grace wong, leanne li) announced their engagements and publicly revealed their wedding details as well. Although tavia did secretly wed in England, she posted photos afterwards and was open about it later. In comparison, linda was quite quiet and secretive about the whole situation which is rather weird when it's a joyful occasion and an important life milestone. She kept her marriage hidden for a few months and the public had no idea about her husband while at least there were knowledge of boyfriends for other female artistes. I think that if linda wasn't pregnant, she would not have chosen to rush into this marriage. Her personality seems cautious and risk-adverse plus she was still dating philip in october 2014 (interviews and photo evidence) so it was very shocking for her fans and viewers to know she got hitched and pregnant barely a year after breaking up with a longtime bf. Personally, i believe that she was looking for a rebound rship, and accidentally got pregnant which was a huge surprise so she had to protect her image and get married. She probably originally wanted to pretend like Yoyo or Aimee, to have a wedding and then announce pregnancy a few weeks afterwards so her good-girl reputation is not affected but there were unexpected reports and rumours already with people analyzing her outfits and physique so there was no hiding it. Also, she was farther along in her pregnancy, since her wedding outfits were quite loose and I guess it was around 4-5 months?
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