• Both of them are pretty handsy with each other and it seems like they are more than friends. Plus, this looks like it's part of a scene anyways. I actually love their chemistry.
  • I really wanted to like this movie, but the jokes weren't funny. Plus I watch too many Asian drama or romantic movies in general that this type movie was nothing new. The best part was Keanu reeves.
  • I love this drama! The female lead is awesome and the love story is interesting with great chemistry despite there being no development between the two. It pretty much leave this mystery of what happened in the past and we starts off with her revenge at the failed attempt at killing the leading man.
  • @sunnysun It is actually a compliment to me that despite her low output, she is still considered high commercial value. In China, 2 dramas and 1 film a year may be low output.
  • @sunnysun It's considered a low amount for Yang Mi (and some other "workaholic" mainland stars). At her peak (years ago) Yang Mi was working on 10+ projects a year, and she would routinely jump between multiple different sets at the same time (max I think was 5 at once, although back then she obviously wasn't the lead in all of them). In recent years she's decreased her workload considerably, generally only working on 1 drama + 1 movie a year, which is definitely considered lower output.
  • I love it how the article tries to normalizes YangMi's accomplishment by adding "Despite Yang Mi starring in ONLY two dramas and one film this year."
  • Why is this an issue? When one signs up for these personal assistant job like this, one does pretty much everything their boss says. Don't like it? Quite then? Obviously, the pay is worth it. I don't understand why this is such a big deal when they are just doing their job.
  • @sunnysun I watched a few episodes of "A Love So Beautiful" since it's on Netflix. So glad more Asian dramas are now on Netflix so can see it in HD quality... I thought Shen Yue's cute personality and innocence was what made "A Love So Beautiful" a big hit. She captured a girl's nervousness around her first love convincingly and has a very likeable onscreen persona. Hu Yitian had the comparatively easier role, by playing the aloof genius. It's honestly a star-making role for any young, good-looking actor in this role. Not that hard to look cool in every scene, while Shen Yue has more expressive scenes.
  • I guess to each their own for real because Shen Yue is anything but unattractive. That’s too bad. I gotta admit I was a fan of ALSB, but it’s gonna be hard to watch it w/ the same appreciation. Well the good thing is I’m glad this came out now then later. His fans can still get out of the rabbit hole.
  • @sunnysun lol our college years is hard, and because we are not from wealthy background, meanwhile these two characters are like rich background? In the trailer, their house is like castle/cottage look lol! This drama is pretentious at best >_> as much as I love this pair, I’m not buying the premise, and yea, these two looks way too old to be University students even though there are University student at 50+!
  • "...individuals who represent the fighting youths of today’s times." Maybe next time, you should actually hired actors who looked the part. I just see 2 very rich veteran lead actors trying to play college student. This was overall a pain to watch (in terms of subject matters). No body wants to sit and suffer through the slow pace. These kinds of dramas are only good for movies. We just want to get to the heart of it and quickly get out. My college years was hard enough. I'm sure not going to sit through this. This just my 2cent.
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