• @terry123 hi there, it's from here: http://tiny.cc/dzui9y (:
  • Can I please have the original source/link of this article? Thanks so much for the translation. I find Ali Lee to be quite a capable actress. Though I only watched her in two dramas so far, "BB is Coming" and "Big White Duel", but I find her eyes to be very expressive and there is definitely a depth in her acting. TVB should give her the chance to tackle various challenging roles. I think she has the potential to grow much further and become a versatile actress. Besides, I think she has that pretty, elegant look that can be both antagonist and protagonist at the same time. Will continue to look out for her acting in the future.
  • @coralie @emerald5forever Well I'll say Taiwanese dramas and TVB dramas during the 90s (and perhaps 80s) will always be the best. I grew up watching them then (my adolescent life). The plots might not have always been perfect, and then-Taiwanese dramas had a lot of cryings too, but they actually had depths. The actors/actresses were mature and good-looking. The acting was wonderful then too. These days, I don't have time to watch a lot of dramas anymore, but I see that Korean dramas are very decent/good in their own ways (hence they are popular), but the feeling isn't the same anymore when I watch them. Perhaps, it's because I'm older now. I don't get a lot of access to Chinese dramas as there aren't many Eng sub available, but a glance through it doesn't give me a lot of attraction. Also I prefer modern dramas with a mature plot, but there seems to me a lot more ancient dramas compared to the modern ones (perhaps ancient dramas are just more popular and more exposures, and that is one reasons I get even less access to CDrama). Besides the ones you recommend above, is there any other good modern CDramas? I see Alyssa Chia starred in a drama last year called "Angel/Invisible Wings". Have you seen it? Do you know if there are Eng sub to that one anywhere? I thought the synopsis sounds intriguing.
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