• @terry123 okay yeah I totally see that. Perhaps like in working with her he gave her advice and feedback that helped her. Oh she’s sooo pretty in beauty and the boss. I love her character.
  • @tt23 Perhaps what Liu Kai Chi saw was the "potential" in Ali although she wasn't that good at the time. She has improved leap and bound since then and deserved her Best Actress award. I am watching her in "Beauty and the Boss" and just found her acting expression very precise. She also looks very pretty in that drama.
  • To me, Ali is not just pretty. She is full of grace and elegance. From her interviews, we can tell she is a mature woman with a lot of depth. I admire her character and wish her the best of luck in acting and life.
  • @terry123 Also, if the character Kennis comes back alive in the sequel; after a couple of life and death struggles happened to her in the original drama, perhaps would come back with a much "stronger" persona showing a more expressive depth and understanding. Kennis, though did not seem to be very important compared to the male counterparts, subtly had an inner depth and brought out quite a few special moments in the original. Contradictorily, the drama did not revolve around her, yet everything also got tied together much around her. Out of the 4 main leads, her character has the most potential to grow. She is, to me, nuanced and interesting. I feel the same, though to a much lesser degree, about YT. Zoe and Tong Ming, in contrast, were pretty much black and white characters. It just depends on how good the scriptwriters can incorporate the development of the characters.
  • This is just a typo, but can you please fix Ali's last name? (for the 2nd half of the article, her last name should be Lee, not Wong) Thanks for the translation :) Anyways, I like Kennis' ending scene. It gives a memorable closure to her character and the drama. After all, this drama is about doctors and saving lives. This article also reveals a lot more thoughtfulness on the writer's part now that we know their main intention is to demonstrate the impermanence of life. Life and death is fragile, just like that. We never know what tomorrow will bring. We can live today and die tomorrow. If this drama was to have a sequel, I'm sure that if they want, they can find multiple ways to bring the character Kennis back alive. If that happens, I don't think that would bring any less meaning to the ending of the original drama, as the original drama can standalone by itself. And perhaps, hopefully, the sequel would demonstrate a continuing, if not different meaning/value, following it. Sometimes, it the small moments in a drama that make it meaningful. Another "small moment" or rather details that I really liked was the friendship portrayed by Zoe, Kennis and Yan. Their portrayal felt really real and sweet. Don't we all want a genuine friendship like that in real life? Back to the drama as a whole, I read some comments that commented the whole medical reform was going nowhere and as a result, was a waste of time. Well, I think about it a little differently. Medical reform, realistically, is a very complicated issue and as the drama demonstrated, also contains a lot of politics. To change that system involves a lot of factors including social, political and cultural values. By not having a successful ending to the medical reform, it shows that life isn't as black and white as we would like it to be. There are gray issues in the society, big and small, that we as human being have to deal with everyday. Medical reform can be both good and bad depending on what perspective we look at. So should we have medical reform? Or should we not? No one can answer that question definitely. Overall, I like this drama.
  • @terry123 hi there, it's from here: http://tiny.cc/dzui9y (:
  • Can I please have the original source/link of this article? Thanks so much for the translation. I find Ali Lee to be quite a capable actress. Though I only watched her in two dramas so far, "BB is Coming" and "Big White Duel", but I find her eyes to be very expressive and there is definitely a depth in her acting. TVB should give her the chance to tackle various challenging roles. I think she has the potential to grow much further and become a versatile actress. Besides, I think she has that pretty, elegant look that can be both antagonist and protagonist at the same time. Will continue to look out for her acting in the future.
  • @coralie @emerald5forever Well I'll say Taiwanese dramas and TVB dramas during the 90s (and perhaps 80s) will always be the best. I grew up watching them then (my adolescent life). The plots might not have always been perfect, and then-Taiwanese dramas had a lot of cryings too, but they actually had depths. The actors/actresses were mature and good-looking. The acting was wonderful then too. These days, I don't have time to watch a lot of dramas anymore, but I see that Korean dramas are very decent/good in their own ways (hence they are popular), but the feeling isn't the same anymore when I watch them. Perhaps, it's because I'm older now. I don't get a lot of access to Chinese dramas as there aren't many Eng sub available, but a glance through it doesn't give me a lot of attraction. Also I prefer modern dramas with a mature plot, but there seems to me a lot more ancient dramas compared to the modern ones (perhaps ancient dramas are just more popular and more exposures, and that is one reasons I get even less access to CDrama). Besides the ones you recommend above, is there any other good modern CDramas? I see Alyssa Chia starred in a drama last year called "Angel/Invisible Wings". Have you seen it? Do you know if there are Eng sub to that one anywhere? I thought the synopsis sounds intriguing.
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