• @llwy12 I know what you mean, I just finished "another Era" series and it sucked. Hong Kong audiences aren't stupid enough to accept trashy plots like this and call it genius. The series has no real vision except "evil rich person wants to use stock market to win it all". That's not what "At the Threshold of an era" was about, or what motivates the characters, aka "family", "dreams", and "the future". TVB can't hide a flop like this behind smoke and mirrors
  • This was awful, the entire production was weaker than a cheap horror movie with random jump scares. Of the original Cast, Roger Kwok was the only one around, but his villain character is poor as heck, it's like his old character from the 1990's TVB "Instinct" starring Adam Cheng and Ekin Cheng, except we all know he can do better. "To Get Unstuck in time" showed us he had emotional and acting skills, this is a regression of his skills. Tavia tried her best, but the plot doesn't help her out. The stock games and drama from the original series at least had meaning and drove plot development. Gallen Lo was an Anti-hero we rooted to succeed as the underdog Hong Kong businessman fighting his way up the ladder of power. That was the magic of "At Threshold of An Era" part 1 and 2. Also to add a cherry on top, the "Smokeless" city concept hinted at something grander and bigger than what people's in 1990's or early 2000's could achieve, a true environmentally friendly and sophisticated new "city". The idea has a spirit of hope and the promise of a dream, which in western or eastern storytelling is what great epics are made of. Instead, in "Another Era" we have a bunch of superfluous drama surrounding family and an over the top villain, played by the goody-goody of last series. We also have stupid lines of "Justice" and "retribution" being hard to obtain in the "real world", until the very end with the Deus ex Machina ending like most TVB nowadays. WTF was TVB thinking with that kind of messaging, the producer/directors should be fired. I doubt many pople from the studio will care or if my fellow Cantonese Chinese viewers will agree with my hard line comments, but if TVB continues to make dramas like this, they deserve to go out of business. What TVB needs to do for the 21st centure and a truly "new era" is to seek out where people and livelihoods need to go towards, what is life in Hong Kong like today and what aspirations do people have for this great city, and finally dream about the future of China as a whole nation to bring in all viewers of Chinese descent, not just locals. Ancient dramas talk about "china" in the past, but what is its future and what is its dreams.
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    Just finished another Era, sadly it was as bad as I thought

  • Agreed it's funnier than most TVB dramas and Kenneth is actually playing his Adam Cheng inspired part pretty well. Sometimes TVB needs to make fun of their own history of shows to make things interesting, I like the in-jokes they made referring to "The Bund", "War and Destiny", and its many ancient dramas. You don't need to repeat the past to make a good show, laugh a bit and enjoy it.
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