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  • The final (episode 25) of TVB drama "Life After Death" was very disappointing! It should be a perfect happy ending if Frankie Lam & Priscilla Wong get together & married each other! After all, Frankie already bought the wedding ring & was ready to propose to Laura after the successful operation of Laura's daughter. Why must Frankie died in the car crash?! Eden (Kyle Li) should be the one dead for good! He was always the most hated "trouble maker"! Let's hope Priscilla Wong win an Award for Best Supporting Actress OR Best Actress in a Leading Role! (at least nominated for both) Thanks for your support! GodBlessYouAll.
  • LLY, Plse shut up! Dont do your acting here! (speaking up for JW!) For heavens' sake! If your wife or girl friend is involved with a sinful shameful "scandal or crime" with a TVB actor or singer, how do you feel?! Think about this seriously! It is no laughing matter! TVB did the right thing: To "frozen up" JW! - becoz we hate to see her face on TV! Serve her right! We 100% fully support TVB's action against JW! Let this be a strict WARNING to all TVB artistes/actors/actress(es) & singers! - Not to commit any shameful crime! After you have committed it, it is too late to say "Sorry"!
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