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    I like Eddie’s drama series and his performances especially the Eastern Heroes and the Link with Gigi, the Master of Taichi with Fiona Leung, and hates him in The Song Bird because he acted as a villian. In the picture on the right side of this article, he looks young for his age. I wish every man is like Eddie who commits in a relationship. E…[Read more]

    • jimmyszeto

      Yeh I agree that this period was Eddie’s peak. He was good in slapstick aloof roles. Looks like he pissed off TVB at the wrong time since he said mid 90s which should be around the time of ‘The Link’ which had a heavy cast. Eddie’s acting has improved with age. He knocks out these professional roles with ease. I still believe he should…[Read more]

      May 05, 2020 04:16pm
  • tvbfan

    Congrats Tavia & Him. I like their maternity photos.

  • @jayne Yes, it is. Louis is such a generous, thoughtful and decent man. Whoever is his significant other is so lucky and blessed!
  • This entire story sounds like a TVB drama. But, everything is possible. If it’s true, why do Sammi and Andy got married when they want an open relationship?
  • Happy Birthday Felix!
  • Ruco looks more handsome in the second and the third pictures than the first one. I like Ruco's hairstyle and shirts in this serie than his other drama series. Ruco's performance is always excellent especially the last episode when he bumped Tony in the head with his head and his eyes stare made the taxi driver scared. Ruco always acts well for any role is given to him especially villian role! Ruco should have received Best Actor Award for this serie!! Tavia is so lucky to get to act with two handsome actors! Ruco's character only loves himself because he had the heart to stab the girl he used to love. That was not love at all!
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