• @iciel Exactly how I felt! Alice’s character wasn’t at all angry at Max’s character. And Max’s wife! No disgust that she found out her husband raped someone when he was 17! No one’s reaction was as I expected and seemed to brush off the gravity of the character’s actions.
  • How time flies, I didn’t know she turned forty! <3 she looks so happy with her family & marriage, I’m so happy for her.
  • I don’t hate the ending, but I definitely don’t like it either. I didn’t expect them to go this route with Kennis’ character. Her being an MSF doctor I liked, but this cliffhanger really annoyed me lol. And I guess this paves a way for a sequel but I would’ve preferred a different way to go down that route. I don’t know what this cliffhanger added to the story to be honest. I’m also sad we didn’t actually get to see Tong Ming and Zoe remarry, but I know that the main focuses are the medical reform and the hospital, not the relationship storylines, so I’m not particularly upset about it.
  • I love Ali’s character in Big White Duel, Kennis. I can definitely see some resemblance in the character and the actress, most prominently their hardworking nature. (: So excited to see what happens to her character the rest of this week!
  • Yay, congratulations to Myolie for a new addition to her family. Sending her lots of love and hope she recovers quickly!
  • This is unnecessary in my opinion. I don’t think this issue needs to be revisited over and over like it has been, not defending the parties involved who cheated, but people and life moves on. It just feels like a parody of it is a bit much when it’s been two months lol.
  • I like the relationships between these three characters so far! Personally, I love Ali and Natalie’s characters friendship the most, but I also enjoy Kenneth/Natalie’s former couple to colleagues, and Kenneth/Ali’s boss/colleague one. When it comes to the triangle, I want Kenneth and Nat’s characters to reconcile, but at the same time i don’t want that to happen at the expense of Nat and Ali’s friendship. Hopefully this love triangles strays from the norm of TVB love triangles and isn’t strung out for too long.
  • Glad to hear this drama has been doing well! I’ve been keeping up to date on it and so far I must say I do enjoy it. The cast is full of actors and actresses I enjoy and the medical and political storylines are very interesting. The romantic storylines (so far) aren’t overshadowing the medical/political aspects which I appreciate as well. Hope this drama continues to fare well!
  • @funnlim I feel the same about how the public hospital works being poorly (i.e. not) explained. I’m enjoying this series so far, and this is a unpopular opinion but I too think Natalie’s acting (or reacting) thus far in the show is a bit better than Ali’s, but I’m sure once I see more of Ali I’ll feel differently as I like both actresses equally. And I think you’re talking about Stephen Wong, the one Matthew Ho looks similar to!
  • @tvbrama "As I grew up watching her" Damn I feel old reading that statement. Fala has only been around TVB since 2005, and left in 2013. You must be young. I guess I am one of the few that grew up watching TVB in the early 90's around here, during the golden era of HK TV and movies. In my eyes, nothing has impressed me in the last 20 years of HK entertainment.
  • As I grew up watching her, I’m really happy for her prospects here in America! Excited for her HBO show. I would love to see her return to TVB/Shaw Brothers, but I hope it’s for something good + with a good cast! Also would be excited to see how her acting has changed/grown from the past 5 years with going to Juilliard.
  • Happy to hear she signed some contracts in America! Excited for her future prospects and the TVB dramas she has left. I know it’s a pain for all the costars to reshoot and I feel bad. /: Glad Selena has maintained a good relationship with TVB despite departure though. Also makes me smile that she left a message for Kenneth! Super sweet.
  • I love this friendship! Steven Ma is pretty popular himself, and he definitely has strong friendships with many of his other female costars. A bit nostalgic seeing Linda among past and current TVB stars!
  • Her actions are inexcusable, that is a fact. But a petition calling for a termination of her contract and stripping her of her runner-up title is unwarranted and uncalled for. Give it a rest. People are putting too much energy into a matter that doesn’t hurt them directly in any way, in my opinion.
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