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  • Congratulations to Maggie Q, good to see local girl doing really well in films and also in her brand Qeep Up. It's been awhile since seeing her on the big screen but I'm sure she'll do well with her latest "Death of Me" debut and with Luke Hemsworth. She has to keep up her model figure since when you're up there on that big screen, you tend to look heavy, they say it puts 10 pounds if not more on you, so just as well she keeps tabs on her weight and nutrition. Wishing her all the very best on her latest film as well as her latest venture in her brand clothing, sure she'll do really well, hang in there, Aloha ahui hou, be safe, good luck.
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    Good to see Maggie Q getting back into her film projects. It’s nice to see local girl from Hawaii getting busy in film making as well as her own brand business. Looking forward to “Death of Me”, wishing her the very best, hang in there, much Aloha to her, take care, be safe, Aloha ahui hou,

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    Just wanted to comment about the Chiu brothers helping to pay their father’s debts. It’s a very sad, sad situation when the kids have to pay their parents’s debts especially with loan sharks that charges interest over the top, that alone in another loan to pay off. If it’s lasted over 10 years to pay off, then something is happening to increase…[Read more]

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    I can relate to Michael Miu regarding heavy weight on the chest, unable to get up. My brother told me years ago in the room he shared with my other brother that while he was sleeping he felt this heavy weight on his chest, he couldn’t move, he couldn’t even call out to my other brother that was sleeping about a foot away. As he struggled to lift…[Read more]

  • I’m with Charmaine on this one. He should know better about bringing up that topic which isn’t funny but he should be respectable. Did he not know who he was with & just drop anything pertaining to marriage, being single & woman’s age. I’m sure there’s other interesting topics to talk about rather than leading to personal information. If that was me, I’d walk off & go on my own at that amusement park & have fun on my own, don’t need to be insulted that way in front of the camera. Did he meet up with some other group to conduct some other type of interview not okayed by her but for another, if so, shame on him. Why ruin a nice outing & just enjoy having fun without further intrusion to personal, private information, can do without it. One day if Darren doesn’t know it by now, those words will bite him in the butt as he gets older & he’ll remember his time with Charmaine. His time will come one day & hope he’ll remember. Just remember-be kind, be respectful, be healthy & be careful. Enjoy your day....at any age, make it special.
  • @vbabe8 @hetieshou If these you or someone you know get these "ghost encounters" very often, I recommend looking up sleep paralysis. Here's a quick read: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/open-gently/201711/seeing-ghosts-in-your-bedroom-its-sleep-paralysis?amp Note: I'm not undermining your experience or belief btw.
  • @vbabe8 I have not really had experiences with ghosts directly, but I remember a few times when I was partially asleep, I felt like something was pushing down on me. I could not get up even though I fought. I did not scream or anything but tried to fight back. It eventually left me but I was not sure if I was dreaming or not. It was a bit scary though. My cousin said he saw my late father’s spirit and was very scared... I do believe in ghosts but my late parents told me they would never appear in front of cowards as they would scare them to death. However, ,any would not believe in anything until they see it.
  • I've read those comments regarding being held down by some spirit or ? in reference to Raymond's experience is very real, not an imagination of over work or tiredness. I remember my mom telling us about what our dad experienced not too long ago about being weighted down by something to a point where he couldn't move, he struggled to get whatever it was off his chest. We were just young kids, I'm in my sixties now & will never forget that experience he had since dad normally doesn't share that type of thing. But years later, I remember my brother just a teenager sleeping felt a heaviness that woke him up as he struggled too but felt he could not move or even scream, yell for help seeing my other younger brother sleeping next to him, wanting help but noticed his brother didn't wake was still asleep after all that which bothered him then later that morning when both were fully awake, scolded my brother as to why he didn't help him knowing he was calling out to him for help. My brother didn't hear him. But he did say that what helped him get relief, that heaviness off his chest was he swore, cussed, then it left him, The weight was lifted, he could now move again.These experiences is real life cause even my daughter-in-law related her experience to me about what she had regarding her being awake one night by some heaviness but it was something holding down her head from wanting to look up or out for what she saw was a loud roaring sound like running, bunch of ancient Hawaiian warriors running past her bed down the hallway sounding like a locomotive train yet at the same time as she's trying to shout out, yell, she couldn't alert her sleeping husband; my son next to her, but she couldn't wake him to what was happening in front of her. Forgot how long she said it lasted, not too long but enough for her to remember the noise and images that still haunts her to this day, realistically she remembers to a tee. We live in Hawaii. It could happen anywhere. It may be difficult to understand why it happens but we need to be respectful of that it did happen.
  • I was very sad to hear of this young, promising, good actor, handsome, has a great future in the film industry, successful, brilliant, will surely be missed more so by his loving, caring parents, family, close friends, associates, his pals, buddies. But what the hell gives this show the right to continue filming "Chase Me" till 2 am? Everybody should be home sleeping at that hour, not running to over exhaustion when the body can't take it anymore especially 2 am in the morning. There's got to be a decent time when you end the filming, send everybody home for the night then continue refreshed, re-energized the next day, right. It's inhumanly impossible to be running at that late, ridiculous hour when you should be taking care of your health. I read in another article that said just before he collapsed he screamed out something like "I can't take any more!". Shouldn't that be taken as a scream, yell of desperation like, "let me rest, enough is enough, can't push my body any further, I'm tired". Yeah, you're tired, your body is yelling to give it rest, well, now he unfortunately is now given his much needed "rest". Someone said his family should sue, c'mon, why does it have to be the ultimate or only decision to make when someone dies this way. Will his family have any "rest" about it? They just lost their son for pete's sake over a stupid show, showing how extreme they can be to keep in the ratings, they don't care about your safety or your health, are you kidding me? I'm sure all participants are urged to sign a waiver making sure the program/show is not responsible for this and that, right? I would protest in person to stop the show period, it's not a show, it's not even a good show pushing people beyond their abilities of the human body & spirit to a point of losing their life maybe, only then can you become a "winner"? Win or lose, I don't care, a human life has ended on their show therefore they should give up showing such a show anymore, at this point to me, it's bad luck, bad omen already, like they say the show must go on, hell no, not this show, my gosh, not this show or any such show like this. Now it's Godfrey's show where now may he "rest" in peace, we will miss you & all about you, there is an embrace waiting for you now, peaceful & loving, fighting. By the way, I forgot to say it's "Happy Thanksgiving" today, to everyone from Hawaii to around the world for we have much to be thankful, always, Aloha & Mahalo; Mahalo Godfrey, mahalo
  • @vbabe8 Did they ever let on who recorded the videos as if it was the woman/victim then there is no way she is the innocent party in this. Either it's about money or hatred for either of them to have gone to that level of shame. It's just odd how they planned this out in another country instead of China not that it would have been easier but at least there is no language barrier right. I doubt any of the 3 speak fluent Australian or English?
  • It's unfortunate that this incident has happened & now has split up all those involved, husband, wife, victim, her husband, those involved in the film he was in when it happened, families, friends, close associates, etc; but namely Gao being irresponsible overseas to his wife, his family, his reputation as an actor that he'll lose yet was it worth it? It's created irreparable harm to his wife, family, his career, will he ever be hired again, how will he support himself, wife, family? Too many questions left unanswered on both the victim & sexual abusers, will they find any justice in or out of court in their testimonies, proof, evidence? Wow, you can't sweep this under the carpet. What was so good about this victim/colleague that he and that director friend of his had to attack her sexually in that hotel room. Was he framed, entrapped into a money/blackmail trip since she did have it video tapped realizing no way she could get out of it. She not only him should've been more responsible, have some sense of self-respect, both parties being married, didn't they think of their spouses at the time. Was he really leading a dark/shady lifestyle of sexual debauchery? So long as his wife didn't find out. Did he forget what country he was in or it didn't matter. Guess, mix with partying, alcohol, doesn't matter. Women should always be careful when drinking, know your limit, then go home, call a taxi, be more responsible otherwise it's just as much your fault at the end of the evening, you're not a naive kid. Hate hearing about this type of scandals, can't live it down, it will be a black cloud over your head wherever you go in life, you're stained, tainted, marked for life, for the rest of your life & that's the worse prison to be in. Good Luck
  • I haven't seen the film either, here in America. But because of it's story line, nature of the film, it's adult-like theme; don't understand why the director or her parents allowed an underage child no matter if she feels she can do it, take on such a challenge of a movie like this. I would think because Asian community frowns on films of this nature, I wonder how it passed their censor parameters to circulate this movie in their theaters. It's unfortunate that her first break-out film debut ends up being such a scandal sentiment in value rather than her acting ability. I also feel bad that the actors in the film who also suffer at the hands of harsh criticisms of this controversial film, it was probably their debut too.Parents did not do their wise decision making regarding their daughter's choice of movie scripts, I'm sure they had to sign their parental authorization on tha contract too to allow their daughter to star in such an adult type themed movie. Yes, they could've gotten an older actress at least over the age of 18 to take on that part of "Third Wife". Asian women have the advantage of looking much younger than their age, they're lucky that way. I wouldn't mind watching that movie and get my own take about that movie, judge it for myself rather than others tell me what is valuable or not. Wishing Nygyen good luck in her future film choices as a good actress, be patient, it will come, it just won't be now. Directors, producers of films they get involved in to be careful, mindful, never mind being greedy, it never really works out most times, I'm sure censorship is still around too. I just wonder about the impact of this film for the innocents at that age as pedophiles or criminals of that nature to continue their hunt for malicious fun on the prowl.
  • I can hardly wait to see this movie, heard about it, seen some previews on Showbiz Korea, she was also featured on Good Morning America. She is humorous, funny, but now this serious drama is a feature to watch. Wishing her and the rest of the cast, Good Luck, and continued success with this movie in America. So glad to see the Asians getting credit for job well done for a change, they deserve it, they do work hard at their craft, hoping to see more film productions coming our way. This appears to me as a shot in the arm for families facing many dilemmas, but when it hits close to home, when granny is seriously ill, they are basically the glue of any family as I'm getting chicken skin typing this, with all due respect and honor cause I miss my gung gung, my granny, my tutu, my mom; don't know how we would've managed without all of them, still good memories, lasting till my days as a granny, I'll remember also this movie too. Thank you, Xie Xie, Mahalo, peace & happiness.
  • He looks familiar, I remember he did perform as an actor in some dramas even though I watch a lot of Asian dramas now, more than American living here in Hawaii. I do give him a lot of credit for investing, working & serving out of his little restaurant in that shopping plaza, although not actively performing as an actor but is definitely taking care of business. And that business is taking care of his family especially as a dad, husband, you do what you have to do to survive until his career kicks in. But it's more important to prioritize family, business, than his career. He will get back to acting is what got him started right. Wishing him only the best for all what is important to him now, don't worry, he'll get back on that stage, limelight, acting soon, good luck to him and his family. Hang in there, fighting.
  • @vbabe8 most comments are about his so called talents, which most think very little off. The article itself made fun of his image, learn to read *shake my head*.
  • Those recent pictures of Kris Wu might not be your cup of tea but he is being truthful about his weight, there's no shame or embarrassment about that so I applaud that he is taking it seriously, knows his body type, realizes his busy schedule that keeps him from his normal routine of working out at the gym as well as paying attention to his diet. We've all been there, let's face it, been there, and working on getting back in shape. He is a fine actor, I've heard him sing on some award shows, he sounds just fine, kudos to him to take care of all that is needed to have a successful career, healthy & happy life. So please stop the ridiculous poking fun at his image, what about your image, huh?
  • I feel sorry for Sammi and Kenneth only because they felt they were the one and only but now situation has changed. Marriage to me is based on trust, not only on love, happiness but also settling on peace of mind. Like could you trust your husband or girlfriend to give you an excuse as to why they were late for whatever, and not home at a particular time. Your mind starts to wander, right? It's a normal human trait but then again, you'll still feel that they are not being truthful, honest or even close to being trustworthy. After being caught in a taxi, being intimate with one another proves that there is more than meets the eye or the camera lens. But if Sammi wants to stand by her man, than it's her decision, hopefully she won't regret it. I understand from other comments that she has suffered for awhile with depression, with this scandal by these two, it's possible that it will set her right back to depression mode unless she has been strong mentally to let this subject of infidelity be one that she'll forgive him, it's her decision. Hope she won't regret it, but if he can do it once during their marriage, possibility he could do it again, maybe not with JW but someone else, can she really still trust him if he's late for a dinner date or comes home late for dinner. Same goes for Kenneth, can he really forgive her, stand by her, trust that this won't happen again? I get a bit disturbed, angry at those who make fools out of the sincere spouses who truly believes in them and then this happens. Never one for excuses by those caught cheating, being unfaithful is the ultimate no-no, taboo. I can only wish them the very best for and to these two that they will overcome this scandal and continue to live as they deserve, happy, content, with peace of mind. Take care, be safe, be happy, be healthy.
  • @vbabe8 Yes Hu Ge is an only child and is very close and filial to his parents. So sad to hear this as I have been there. It is very painful and hard so hope he stays strong and close to his father to make sure his father is ok. His mom will be loved and missed by everyone. She is definitely in a happier and better place now. His mom is forever in his heart and is always with him no matter what.
  • So, so, sorry to hear of Hu Ge's mother's passing. Condolences, with heartfelt sympathy to him and his family. It is a good thing that he participates in the Awareness of Breast Cancer because he recognizes the pain & suffering his mom went through for all of those 30 years. He will be mourning his mom's passing for a long time, give him that time, it's difficult to really get over. It appears that his missing his mom says a lot about how close they were. It appears that he is the only child. You could tell she was very proud and happy about her son. His parents took real good care of him you can tell. Hope he continues to be close to his dad, his dad will need him most at this most difficult time. May she rest in peace, she will be sorely missed by all who loved her, especially her son.
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