• @vhuy I agree that he should not hit her but her bruises look very suspicious, especially with photoshop and various programs these days, photos can be easily altered. I actually just had a real bruise on my face recently since I bumped my face into the wall and the bruise on my face looked nothing like hers. Hers looks very fake compared to mine.
  • @contae i don’t know where have you been but we never stated that she shouldn’t come out! But if it really happen then she should have file a report and have him arrested for DV or go to the hospital and get a health report so she could have evidence to have a case against him. What is the main point of posting picture of her self to social media!
  • @vhuy @littlefish Agree. People jump to conclusion so soon. I don't agree with him hitting her. But everyone believing her and staying on her side is too soon; at the same time, this is just normal how everyone believes the woman. A similar case like this happened to a Korean idol actor and his career was ruined. At the end, the ex gf was found to be a liar and fabricated the "strong" evidence. At that time, I was going to rage on him, but took a step back. I'm glad I was in the neutral. I wonder how those people feel when they knew the truth.
  • @littlefish I agree with you on that! Why are people judging people just on a basic post to make them self as a victim to this matter I am talking about both side! For god sake both of you are a grow ass adult learn how to dealt with your emotion and your problem! Solve it on ur own or bring to court! Don’t be using people sympathy to gain for your own good. And when things back fire at you, your going to asked for forgiveness! Soon or later the truth will be out in the light!
  • @vhuy I’m on the same boat as you! As much as I don’t condone violence (against both men and women), her bruises don’t look authentic, the bruise area appear to curve away from her nose unnaturally. Also just because he admitted to hitting her, we don’t know how badly, (again not right) but if he say slap her once, and then she fabricated the wound to be much bigger, then she’s still in the wrong and much worse than he is. When emotion is at hand, a bit of rage and out of control is understandable. But using it to get money is unacceptable. Today, we are so fast at excusing men, when women have done a lot worse, in her case, ruining him for life just because he doesn’t want to marry her and support her for life (she possibly think she found herself a gold pot)
  • I am not trying to defend none of them but the picture that she post up the bruises look very suspicious! And no he shouldn’t lay his hand her! That is unacceptable!
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