• my pick: best actor - kenneth ma (the exorcist's meter) best actress -kristal tin (destination nowhere) best supporting actor - joel chan (the unholy alliance) best supporting actress - susan tse (the exorcist's meter) best drama - the exorcist's meter
  • My pick: Best Actor - Kenneth Ma (The Exorcist's Meter) Best Actress - Kristal Tin (Destination Nowhere) Best Supporting Actor - Joel Chan (The Unholy Alliance) Best Supporting Actress - Susan Tse (The Exorcist's Meter) I find both Vincent and Kenneth's performances this year are equally good. Hence, when it comes to that, the other factor to consider is how much they deserved the award, and how senior are they in the industry. Hence, my pick is Kenneth. I agree that he should have won in 2012 for 'The Hippocratic Crush' (end up Wayne Lai winning again for 'The Confidant' that year surprisingly). Vincent has many stellar roles in recent years and I'm sure he is fast to get to this best actor award very soon. Although 'Destination Nowhere' is aired very early this year, but I still remember well how powerful the acting done by Kristal in that series. It's a very challenging role and she nailed it. Supporting actor will be fight between Joel and Owen Cheung. I'm okay with any of them to win. Supporting actress...I'm also surprised that Moon Lau didn't get a nomination here but Alice Chan did. TVB always sucks in choosing the nominees. I will pick Susan Tse because this year's competition for supporting actress is quite weak. And so far, I only remembered the many emotional scenes Susan Tse had to handle in The Exorcist's Meter and she did them all very well.
  • for me, i find that both vincent wong and kenneth ma are equally good this year. hence, when it comes to the best actor award, both deserves it and it comes down to who has been in the industry longer and it's about time to recognize that person. vincent is still considered quite new compared to kenneth and i remember he has just won most improved male artist not long ago. A Favourite TV Male Character award for him this year is the right choice. I think he will be like Ruco. Win favourite male character this year first and then best actor next year. Kenneth has won Favourite TV Male Character back in 2012 for his Dr Cheung Yat Kin role in The Hippocratic Crush. Till now (2017), he has been going home empty-handed. It's about time to hand in best actor to him since his work in both The Exorcist Meter and My Dearly Sinful Mind this year are excellent.
  • i'm having him as my pick for best actor this year too. vincent wong is a bit too early for best actor at tvb anniversary awards. a favourite male character award for him this year is sufficient.
  • @lml1977 Maybe Ruco situation would be like Kenneth Ma in 2012 when he originally busy filming for Triumph in the Skies II at Taiwan but suddenly appear in the Astro On Demands awards show in the middle and finally winning the favourite leading actor award. Maybe Ruco will show up surprisingly in the middle of the show. I think for TVB Star Awards Malaysia tomorrow, he will still get the leading actor award since it is based on voting and he is very popular. his role in captain of destiny is also the best for male this year. but for hong kong awards next month, i think he will win most favourite tv male character only..best actor i think still no chance for him, may be Anthony Wong for hong kong one.
  • @ceejay agree to all ur comments. liza wang and ruco chan are the two most stand out this year. no one else so far before we are going to see the Lord of Shanghai.
  • @anneyen ya..same thought with you, im surprised that for the star awards malaysia, noblesse oblige is totally left out and ignored. i thought that series released early this year is considered pretty good and kenneth ma is not bad in it. i remember the drama is quite entertaining. tomorrow is another day is in singapore's awards this year because the series only aired in singapore this year while it has been aired in hong kong and malaysia last year.
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  • yes...i agree with funnlim...the title and info in this post is wrong...nomination list for 88th Academy Awards (Oscars) will only be out in January 2016. 'To The Fore' is only shortlisted as the only film representing Hong Kong to compete in the category of Best Foreign Film in the Oscars. Every year Hong Kong will send one film to compete, but usually didn't get nominated in the end.
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