• @vortex123 Might be nosy of me, but what will you two do when you have kids?
  • My husband and I live LD as well. My husband who is a pharmacist can't find a job in the city that is full-time plus he makes maximum salary there. My family lives in Toronto but the house I got with husband is outskirts of the city and plus I work also there. A lot of people question why we don't live together. Questions continuously coming up is why he doesn't get a job here or why I can't get a job there. Like Dicky said trust is major key to maintain sanity lol. We never argue due to our time is limited, the only time we argue is because of my MIL otherwise we live a happy and peaceful life lol. Luckily I am planning both of us retire in 20 years so we have gone through six years like this hopefully the 20 years go by soon or I win lottery tomorrow.
  • This is too much what has Jacqueline done to others. At work we have a director who was here for over one year. She has bad people skills but can do her work. Due to her a lot of people resigned including four managers. When I applied for my current job the job posted as Project Manager but she gave me senior analyst. She ruined a lot of people careers. Someone complained to HR about her and also WSIB investigation happening same time so she was put on sick leave. She came back to work one month later but on her new boss first day of work he fired her which was three weeks ago. My point is Jacqueline is fired already TVB management knows the whole Hong Kong citizens doesn't want her on screen. Right now by making so much noise it is making the co-workers like Owen suffer even more. Now those two dramas will never see light or dark anymore. Why does she need to apologize in public when you stripping her title and ending her career no point of having her come out apologize. It is like when the director came back from the sick leave she tried to apologize but I don't buy it and I really don't care cause all I care is my own career.
  • @hetieshou Adoption costs $30k and you need to be married minimum of two or three years can't remember the exact number. First IVF is free so cheaper than adoption. The thing with adoption you don't know the kid background. The area I live in the best school is Catholic. I am buddist but my husband is catholic. With our own child my husband just need to show his own baptism certificate and our child can go to that school without being baptized so the child has a right to pick their religion. My husband doesn't always come home because of his job and I can't release the egg so it is our issue. If I go straight to adoption people would complain that I shouldn't put too much effort into my job or should have gone to where my husband work so we can have our own child. It is okay if we live together everyday and try many years. The thing my job does give me stress during peak seasons so people already put blame on me that I am too stressed but I can't quit my career goals. So adoption would make my life worst.
  • @hetieshou @vortex123 Yes. Good luck to you Vortex123. I know a couple who tried IVF & everything for 7 years & nothing happened. They decided to let nature takes it course and then they have two kids a few years later. I also have a friend who had a tumor in her uterus when she was 17 & she is not able to have children until this day. She wanted to adopt, but her husband doesn't want to do that. :(
  • @vortex123 Good luck to you and if you cannot have kids, would you ever consider adoption? But of course many highly prefer to have their own.
  • @jjwong I am 34 years old my husband 35 years old are healthy, never smoke, hardly drink coffee or alcohol. We got married in 2017 and have been trying since. I have PCOS a type of female infertility that happens to girls even as young as 20. even with Chinese medicine,acupunture, hormone drugs, ultrasound and fertility clinic's intervention I couldn't get pregnant with IUI last year when I was 33 years old. My husband works out of town. Female egg is only available once a month for 24 hours and male sperm lives in female 3 to 5 days uterus. The thing is that the female environment has to be right environment for sperm to survive. Also uterine lining has to be right thickness and female tubes cannot be blocked. My fertility doc says he never thought we need IVF but as mentioned above instead of wasting another year trying we will just go straight to IVF since it has highest chance to get pregnancy and first IVF is free. For their situation it might be similar. You never know what is inside people's body. Sperm has morbidity and sperm count as factor which is affected by smoking.
  • I have been working full-time 7 years straight. These 7 years I have job hopped because the job ended up not using my full potential. I am also completing my Master of Health Administration part-time. I have 3 years of hospital experience. I actually learned more about my career path interest and healthcare through my Master's degree. It was a huge risk for me as well since my boyfriend didn't want to get married till my education is done plus I purchased my own place so I had to deal with mortgage and tuition on my own . Right now I am almost 32 years old and finish in three more months so I am not like Fala who would be 37 years old when she is done. My friends are all married with kids already so I do feel old myself. However, sometimes you want to gain more knowledge and develop your career. Having higher education does change you a bit.
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