• There's to go with dignity.pride.job offer. Come on wtf. First there was Jackie Chan,Edison Chen,Benny Chen.when will they learn? Next plus east post paparazzi are all over hk. Another way interpret is get a life , but reader love gossip and drama. Salty one can one up talentless diva polish shoe lickers.so much fan betrayal. Hard to leave house on small island gives hk hypocrisy. It'd ironic Eric tsang, Antony Wong, chapman to act so high honor and prestige with a lot of envy offer in the privilege department. Wong jing and hk Shaw thrive from mafia and degrading category three film past. It's not real if it's acting no matter how far it goes like with forgotten a/v idol pstars that didn't make it like shuqi Vivian. It's like all celebrities are naturally sick once in business with fan bing bing angelababy poy Hannah quilavan gem Ngyuekhei gold digging past. What I'm saying is we keep seeing dumb celeb put on fake apology act yet we know they always mess up and will mess up again to savor their faces. Are fans that dumb bad feel betrayed if their idols smoke drink curse and chest. So much pretentious and hypocrite from fan base and entertainment industry. Not stereotype even if they try lampshade with films .
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