• @jimmyszeto of course I would pray for all who are ill and hope for their speedy recovery from this disease, as well as the frontliners fighting this outbreak, such as police officers, healthcare professionals, paramedics, cleaning workers, and public transport workers too. But I just wanna express my hopes and prayers that God protect Charlene and Gillian from this virus outbreak. You can choose not to believe in the power of God's protection, but I choose to believe so.
  • @xavchan1810 I think it’s a bit extreme to pray for Gillian and Charlene. Why don’t you save it for the ones who are ill now?
  • So glad, grateful, and thankful that the girls are back home in HK safe and no longer have to be stuck in Malaysia enduring a lockdown enacted by a freaking incompetent government, one that should have prevented that god damn religious (tabligh) gathering from even taking place, that is apparently going to last for a really long time. Praying for Charlene's and Gillian's good health in the next 14 days
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