• She was actually average in The Defected. In fact in some scenes she was very awkward, like the scene where she was pulling Luk Wai Kiu's shirt at the police station. Still think her best performance so far was in Legal Mavericks. Hope to see more of her in that kind of standard.
  • I've been following this series since episode 1 til the latest 23rd, and I have to say it's getting really dull and stupid. Plot is literally all over the place with no consistent flow. The only thing worth noting from this series so far is Moses Chan's good acting. Totally different from his previous series, very vibrant and refreshing. But apart from that, I really can't stress enough on the lack of good plot flow, despite its good humour from time to time.
  • @passingby I'm sure she knows this better than you and we here do!
  • @happybi Have you watched Legal Mavericks? Sisley was good in it. Definitely improved a lot from last year.
  • Industry's best deal yet his acting is so terrible. Stiff expressions, wooden acting, I can't even stand watching him half an episode. I skip 100% of his dramas nowadays. Only one that I watched with him in it was War and Beauty, and that was loooooooooong ago.
  • Lmao can't help but to laugh at the opening sentence As a veteran supporting actor, Eric Li (李天翔) is most known for his antagonistic portrayals, often as a rapist. A netizen amusingly touted him as the actor who has “raped all the television actresses.” I have to admit, though, he is probably one of the best actor out there to be a villain character, particularly because of his eyes. No offense, he has that "imma come and rape you" face. His acting is pretty good as well. It's a pity he never got any bigger role than minor supporting role in his career.
  • Lol upset by kissing scene? Puhleaz, if he was upset over that kiss in the recently aired episode, which in fact wasn't even a direct kiss but just barely touching between Raymond's cheek and lips, then he should put his head inside a cold water basin. It wasn't even a passionate kiss or French kiss. Heck, Grace even did more lusty scenes back then like dancing around in underwears or wearing just a bikini. What a loser to get upset over his wife's job, lol.
  • I definitely dig her performance at the scene where Wing confronted her about her doings at the office. Her panicking, anxious and desperate facial expressions at that particular scene were top notch, certainly living up the name of TV Queen. Definitely better than her performance in her previous drama about that silly alien cat.
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