• PLEASEEEE NOOOO!!! I love Nancy as an actress but hmmmmm she is just not Ruco's type.. (As if I know Ruco well-hahahas)
  • @funnlim actually for Myolie wedding is also Myolie and Philip (MP) and CaratCheong wedding is also Carat name at the front.. So, does that mean that both Myolie and Carat too declaring who is the BOSS??!! Lulzzzzz.. And it is funny when there you commented a wedding ceremony couldn't determined the future bla3 yet just LOLZZZ Tavia's name upfront, when other artist, Myolie did the same, you assumed things that's "pretty obvious"?! What's pretty obvious is both Tavia n Him love each other and been supporting each other for YEARRRSSS, it's not an "act/deal" that you've assumed to be pretty obvious for YEARSSS. It is funny you can see the "true love deep care" Jeremy had for Linda when they married n got a child in less than a year relationship yet still think negatively for Tavia n Him when they've been sticking together with each other almost 5years++
  • And hahahas so funny when Tavia thought the one inside the Rilakkuma is LamFung xD But Him's shoe spoilt the surprises but its so sweet!! Wish them happiness always!!! And pleaseeee another drama of Tavia and Ruco pleaseee!!!
  • @happybi opppss sorry! My mistake >_<|| Found that article and read it. And i've noticed Linda deleted all her wedding pics from her insta acc. And am glad Steven made it to Tavia's wedding and reading captions of all the ppls whom attented, it is just so sweet!! For JesiccaHsuen pic, the caption is Diceybusiness!! Wonder did Bosco attend? It will be great to see BobbyAu JesiccaHsuen Tavia n Bosco and 3Gor from Dicey business in a pic!!
  • And it's so touching to see cast members of SilverSpoonSterligShackles attended as well!! Especially YiTaiTai!!! And I was ehh didn't know Tavia is close with Charmaine then I saw the pic caption "3HO and KamLing"!!! And surely Mandy n Benjamin captions were 36hours on call!! So sweet n cute!!!
  • Congrats to HimHim and Tavia!! Wow! Time do flies!!! It's been 6Years already??!! And it's touching of Him's speech, when they first started, it was Him news of hitting her gf, everyone even mostly here at Jaynestars commented, it's the end of his career and she stood by him. It's touching when he mentioned Tavia is the only 1 that trusted him and supported him during that trial moments, at that time Him is still courting Tavia. It is true, when we find our true love, they will bring the best in us, I see that in Tavia n HimHim!!! And yes-!! Wow!! Just proved how Tavia is as a friend!! So many friends, in the e-industry, attended to celebrate the special nite with her! Am glad to see her close bonds with StevenMa, RonNg and RaymondLam!!!
  • @isay I too agree with isay! Linda's wedding is wayyy too simple, it's so kaukai. Her kua, wedding gowns, hairdo makeups just so off. Even the recent JasonChan n her wife-RahRahSong, they aren't even fadan but look at her kua her gowns n the ceremony, it's a closed wedding too but all so sweet and nice. Linda's one is too rushing, too shocking, too secrective and too kaukei and to me she is just another AthenaChu, I really hope she can just stop pulling that "angelic" face~~~ StevenMa always mentioned he has 3 sisters in TVB, it's Tavia, Linda n Fala. And look at the wedding gift StevenMa got for Tavia, just shows how diff it is and lol he knew about Linda wedding n PREGNANCIES thru press..
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