• Kenneth mentioned in a recent interview during the promotion of this drama that his character is very loyal in love. Tong Ming only loves one person that is Zoe and Kinnus is just a colleague. And I think that is why in episode 10 he was advising Matthew's role not to have such a "flowery" heart and sending wrong signals to girls. When he said that I wanted to laugh because I think he has been sending wrong signals to Kinnus too. Hahaha....But from the way he smiles and looks at Zoe when she's not looking, I know he still loves her.
  • I know it's not right to expect ppl to break up but I do think Natalie can do better. Why does she keep meeting these guys? Anyways, I'm glad she's going to collaborate with Benjamin Yuen again after Speed of Life. Loved their on-screen chemistry.
  • This gay joke is getting out of hand. It's an insult to 2 of China most talented actors. Well if they are really gay I don't think they would ever stand on stage like this. Fans are just afraid to lose their idols to other women and they rather have them be gay. Come on delusional people it's really sick.
  • She looks like a fairytale princess. Simple and beautiful.
  • @vodka I think if she was looking for wealth, good looks and a young husband she would have accepted Raymond Lam 8 years ago. He is the eldest son of Xiamen's richest property tycoon. Anytime richer than a chiropractor.
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