“Dad, Where Are We Going?” Movie Breaks 250 Million After Three Days

The movie version of Dad, Where Are We Going? <爸爸去哪兒>, a reality show that showcases how Chinese celebrity fathers interact with and take care of their children, opened in theaters on January 31. After three days, it reached 251 million RMB at the box office, making it the most successful film during the Lunar New Year holiday.

On its first day, Dad, Where Are We Going? brought in 90 million RMB and set a new box office record for 2D domestic films. An estimated 2.6 million people watched the film on opening day, with an average of more than 110 people at each showing. Its second and third day raked in 86 million RMB and 75 million RMB respectively.

Although the film is only 30 minutes long, the demand for tickets was so high that some theaters in Beijing and other cities required customers to claim a number before they could purchase tickets. Other movie theaters were forced to limit customers to a certain number of tickets to ensure that there would be enough to go around.

One netizen from Hunan shared that his elementary-school-age son’s homework assignment over the Lunar New Year holiday was to watch Dad, Where Are We Going? and write his feelings about the movie. However, the film was so in demand that the family was unable to secure tickets even after two days.

Although some scorned Dad, Where Are We Going? as an embarrassing attempt to cash in on the reality show’s popularity, many viewers appreciated the humorous and touching scenes depicted in the film. One particularly moving segment was when Zhang Tiantian (張天天) washed his father, model Zhang Liang’s (張亮), feet. Impressed by Tiantian’s filial piety, many children returned from the movie theater and helped wash their own parents’ feet, causing the parents to praise the film for its positive impact.

“Dad Where Are We Going” Trailer

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Source: Hunantv.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. the show is so stupid. anybody with children won’t watch it. why would you have time to watch other people’s children if you have your own to worry about?

    1. How is it stupid. It might not be your taste but definitely not stupid. A lot of people watched the TV serie and now the movie. Most of the audiences are parents taking their kids to see this movie too. If Box Office figure is an indication how good the movies is, or as least how popular it is, then this is definitely much better than many movies came out of China and Hong Kong.

    2. That’s a flawed argument. If having children means you shouldn’t watch TV shows with children, then none of us should be watching TV or movies because we should be busy with our lives, and not made up ones.

    3. m0m0.. I don’t wait it either. But not bcos I feel the show stupid. js tat I have a little same thinking like u. Stars in reality show r merely not so genuine to me. But if they do not get the stars in, public will not be keen to watch. How ironic! I hav frens going gaga over the series n adore those cutie pies n every tiny thing they do. There are js ppl who love to watch anything with stars in and especially with cute looking kids.. But there are others tat are not keen cos its is not a big issue after all, like us.

  2. The china version is so scripted, it’s no longer funny. Feet washing? I bet that kid watched the korean version.

  3. The Monkey King poured in hella production fees, yet they’re just few steps ahead of ‘Dad where are we going’ (spent minimal money and time to film) in terms of office box. Obviously ‘Dad’ made so much more profits than The Monkey King/

  4. How pathetic. This movie is just one of the attempt by Hunan TV Station to milk in money from fans. It only took a few days to film. Moreover it is only 30 min.

    1. It was made to entertain people and to make money. Why else do you think people make movies and hire movie and popular stars?

      The mere fact that it was only 30 minutes and yet so many people still choose to pay and watch it clearly shows the success of the movie.

    2. What,a movie that is only 30 mins? That sounds like those short half an hour reality show.

      1. 30 minutes is about 1/3 of a normal length of a movie. I wonder if the tickets are also priced at 1/3 of the normal price

      1. Or else how would they now offer RMB20 million to Julian to star in the series? I don’t know what’s good about watching stars with their kids in a reality movie. I would rather watch real ppl with real story to tell. Tonnes of ppl love it cos they love watching stars.

  5. The trailer only had 48k view but manged to get 250million rmb box office hmm…

      1. yup there so many vid hosting site in china besides youtube. I think youtube is banned there?? My china family said they can’t view the youtube links i sent them.

  6. How they make money? By banning popular free site, then put a price tag on anything that is free to the rest of the world xD poor china >_>

  7. The movie is 90 minutes (just like each episode of the TV show).

  8. why stupid. its brilliant. if (stupid) people wanna watch – then you have hit jackpot.

    brilliant. only 30 minute$. what’s not to like?

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