Fala Chen Faces Gordon Lam’s Naked Body in “Tales from the Dark 2”


Horror film, Tales from the Dark 2 <奇幻夜> will premiere on August 8 in Hong Kong. New photo stills featuring Fala Chen (陳法拉) and Gordon Lam (林家棟) in bed and gory scenes have caught the media’s focus. Even Fala expressed excitedly that she was fully immersed in character and was “perfectly satisfied.”

Following the first installment, the sequel will also feature three short segments adapted from the works of Lilian Lee (李碧華), who wrote a series of short horror stories for a weekly magazine. The stories got so popular that they were reproduced into a series of novels. The three short stories in Tales from the Dark 2 were directed by Teddy Robin (泰迪羅賓), Gordon Chan (陳嘉上) and Lawrence Lau (劉國昌). Due to the explicit scenes, the movie has received a Category III rating.

The film speaks of pillow demons, and Gordon portrays both a human as well as a ghost. Fala revealed, “Gordon and I both have revealing scenes. The crew found a girl from mainland China who has a similar body shape as me. There was a shower scene in which the body double completed instead. However, I witnessed the entire filming process and provided her with opinions for various details and poses.”

Gordon Lam Goes Fully Nude

Tales from the Dark 2 Gordon LamTales From The Dark 2 contains sexual and violent scenes, receiving a Category III rating. Gordon, who stripped off all his clothes for one of the scenes, said, “I never thought the film would be rated as Category III. I’ve shot Category-III films in the past, but this is my first time going fully nude. I was completely naked! The scene spoke of how Fala’s character accidentally killed me and tried to get rid of the corpse. She took off my garments and put me into a vacuum bag.”

Gordon further revealed that he only took five seconds to decide whether or not to film the scene. “The atmosphere at the time made me feel like I should go for it. It didn’t take me long to start stripping. These types of scenes are not a big deal in western films! It’s okay as long as the plot makes sense. Fala also didn’t seem to be very awkward. We’re all adults.”

In terms of the film receiving a Category III rating, Fala said, “The story between Gordon and I actually doesn’t contain much explicit content. The other two stories are the ones that are more bloody and violent. Those who are easily frightened should not watch it.” Currently taking part in an acting course in New York, Fala has not had time to promote the film in Hong Kong yet.

Synopsis of “Tales from the Dark 2”

Story 1

Director: Gordon Chan

Cast: Gordon Lam, Fala Chen

Since breaking up with her boyfriend Yuen Hao Hong (Gordon Lam), Chow Jing Ee (Fala Chen) suffers from insomnia and no matter how many sleeping pills she takes, she cannot falls asleep. One day, at an old store, Jing by chance bought an embroidery medicated pillow. When Jing sleeps with the pillow, she surprisingly slept throughout the night. The pillow not only gives her sweet dreams; it also stirs her inner desires …….

Story 2

Director: Lawrence Lau

Cast: Newton Lai (黎漢持), Chan Yiu Wing (陳耀榮)

Fatty Keung (Chan Yiu Wing) invited several ex-classmates to visit their long deserted alma mater to reminisce the past. Upon arrival, they were all surprised to find Uncle Chan (Newton Lai) has been secretly living in the old school compound all these years. Against Uncle Chan’s advice, the group insisted on playing their ghostly game at midnight. Eight of them were in the game and how many will survive?

Story 3

Director: Teddy Robin

Cast: Teddy Robin, Kelvin Kwan (關楚耀), Aliza Mo (莫綺雯), Cheung Kwok Keung (張國強)

In this fast-paced city, who is a human and who is a ghost? Wearing his olden day costume and carrying a wooden umbrella, Uncle Lam (Teddy Robin) often frequents the streets at late night. Tonight is 14th of the lunar seventh month; Uncle Lam looks troubled until he meets Jennifer (Aliza Mo). Who is she and what will happen to them?

“Tales from the Dark 2” Trailer

[vsw id=”du0xTS2tod4″ source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”375″ autoplay=”no”]

Source: Next Magazine #1221 via ihktv.com; ihktv.com

This article is written by Shirley and Jennifer for JayneStars.com.

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  1. no thank you. thriller or not. i need to sleep. T___T mommmmyy~~~

  2. man i though it was going to be something extremely scary but…. it’s not scary enough… sigh

    1. honestly this movie only scared me once on the scene where the janitor appears behind the dancing girl. I expect to see a few more creative way of scaring the audience and me, but the similar technique is used repeatedly, ie. ghostly image always appear behind the human, it’s just predictable and become less scary because you know what’s going to happen next as if you’re the director. it’s so cheaply produced and you can’t get more than one goosebump from this chinese movie compared to conjuring.

  3. If I was Gordon, I would be more afraid of being in that vacuumed bag, than I would be having to strip naked.
    How do you fake something like that? I am guessing he just held his breath or something? That has to be a bit scary.

  4. Part 1 was only so so. The Simon Yam’s segment is mediocre at best but passable because it is his debut directing effort after all.

    The second segment was however a waste of Tony Leung Ka Fai’s talent. The story started promising enough but ultimately dissolved into ridiculous farce with a tacked in morality play. And Kelly Chen is truly bad not that she was a great actress to begin with. But with no improvement throughout the years… Lee Chi Ngai as a seasoned director, I expected more from him for this segment.

    Fruit Chan’s segment which closes the movie is the best. Although there are flaws but Fruit Chan managed to handle the transition of the segment from light comedy at the beginning to evergrowing uneasiness and finally all out gore efficiently. The information on the ‘Ta Siu Yan’ tradition is also quite eye-opening plays to Chan’s strength in depicting the social and tradition of Hong Kong and chinese society evident in his previous films. Nevertheless the usage of CGI during the last half is a bit too excessive imo.

    But closing the movie with the best segment of the three arguably creates enough anticipation for Part 2 as the optimist in me is hoping the next three directors can continue from the high of Fruit Chan’s segment.

    1. A little off topic: I thought I’d heard all the weird names there are in Hong Kong Entertainment. I was wrong. I looked up “Fruit Chan” to find his Chinese name and…of course, why was I not surprised his name is “Chan Gwo”? -_-

  5. Looks dumb.

    I’m going to catch the Conjuring tonight. It’s had really good reviews.

    1. disappointed watching the chinese produced horror movie…
      tales of the dark is so boring, and predictable. it was not made to scare me more at least once.
      conjuring is really terrifying, I got goose bump a few times.
      totd really sucks and cheap.

  6. So there are three stories but the only one the media talks about is story no.1?? How is this fair for the other actors in other stories since they’re in the same movie? I even saw that KK Cheung’s name is there. So why is he not getting some attention huh?
    Stupid, and I thought the movie’s about Gordon Lam and Fala Chen. As a consolation, luckilly not cuz I can’t stand this woman’s acting.

  7. It’s time that more actors do more nude scenes to catch up with the actresses.

  8. Gordon had some very good scary movie in my opinion ^^

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