Him Law’s Big Film Break in “The Monkey King 2”

Filmko Entertainment has unveiled two more characters for its upcoming fantasy epic The Monkey King 2 <西遊記之三打白骨精>. Following the reveal of Aaron Kwok (郭富城) as the Monkey King, Gong Li(鞏俐) as the White Bone Demon, and William Feng (馮紹峰) as Tang Sanzang, Filmko announced that Chinese actor Xiaoshenyang (小瀋陽) and Hong Kong actor Him Law (羅仲謙) will be portraying Tang Sanzang’s disciples, respectively playing Zhu Bajie, the pig, and Sha Wujing, the sand monk.

Currently filming in Wuxi, Filmko Entertainment released behind-the-scene photos of Xiaoshenyang and Him Law putting on their makeup for the film, which took over 6 hours to complete. Xiaoshenyang gained a lot of weight in order to portray the role of Zhu Bajie well.

Xiaoshenyang had touched on the role of Zhu Bajie in a stage play he did with his wife many years ago. Transitioning from stage to film is a big challenge for the actor, who expressed that he has to go a lot more in depth with his character for the film.

Although known for his fit physique, Him Law has to gain more muscle for the physically-demanding role of Sha Wujing. Bodybuilding is nothing new for Him, but when facing the high quality 3D cameras in the film set, Him expressed that he has to work even harder.

In the 2014 prequel The Monkey King <西游記之大鬧天宮>, Him Law had portrayed the young god Muzha, brother of Nezha and Jinzha. According to various sources, director Cheang Pou Soi (鄭保瑞) had already promised Him a role in the sequel when the first installment completed filming last year.

The Monkey King is slated to open in theaters during Lunar New Year 2016.

Source: 21CN.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Bull Demon King has become Monkey King.
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