Aimee Chan and Grace Chan Are the Most Beautiful Miss Hong Kong in Past Decade?

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Aimee Chan and Grace Chan Are the Most Beautiful Miss Hong Kong in Past Decade?

It did not come as a surprise when Louisa Mak (麥明詩) was crowned Miss Hong Kong 2015 on the evening of the pageant’s finale. Claimed to possess beauty and intelligence, the Cambridge graduate won with an impressive total of 925,173 points. Soon after the finale concluded, a netizen started an online discussion about the most beautiful Miss Hong Kong winner over the past ten years. Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) and Grace Chan’s (陳凱琳) names were frequently mentioned.

Aimee was the winner of the 2006 Miss Hong Kong Pageant. Many netizens praised her for her sweet and pure smile – one that is able to melt the hearts of many men –, as well as her curvaceous figure. One commentator added that Aimee always dealt with negative gossip optimistically, which added on to a good impression. Although she is now a mother to two sons, netizens claimed Aimee would still be sure to win a pageant with her current looks.

Grace, who won the pageant in 2013, was praised for her beautiful facial features and high level of education. Netizens claimed she resembles a girl of mixed ethnicity and naturally possesses a celebrity look. Despite previous comments that Grace’s body figure is too slim, one netizen exclaimed she exhibits a healthy and sexy aura while in a bikini. Others decided she is as beautiful as Michelle Reis (李嘉欣).

One netizen who eagerly participated in the discussion wrote, “My favourite is definitely Aimee Chan. She looks great in both long and short hair. She’ll be in top three even if she has to compete now!” Another stated, “I would pick Grace Chan! She has both beauty and the brains!” One netizen could not make a decision and remarked, “It’s really difficult to choose between Aimee and Grace!”


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14 comments to Aimee Chan and Grace Chan Are the Most Beautiful Miss Hong Kong in Past Decade?

  1. shekilledit says:

    I saw the whole list of past winners (with photo) the other day, and I must say Michelle Reis is the only one that truly stands out with her beauty.

    Frankly speaking, looking at Grace and Aimee, they’re pretty plain. But if you put them next to the other winners from the past decade(s), they truly look like goddess.

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  2. anoninhk says:

    aimee does look very sweet and good for her age actually. she’s not classically beautiful but definitely appealing to jak nam. grace has a gorgeous face but is let down by her weight and height. actually, in my view, the winners in the 2010s have been much better than previous decade. with the exception of carat… because tracy should have won that year.

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  3. anon says:

    Michelle Reis in her prime outshine all of modern-day pageant winners. They don’t know what they’re talking about.

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  4. shimmerstars says:

    This article is very skewed and probably only picked ‘selective’ netizen comments or those that made comments are actually from the younger generations that have not seen any Miss HK pageants prior to 2006 ! Shame on them! Those that are avid followers of Miss HK pageant would definitely think otherwise on who are the most beautiful Miss HK winners! think the following former MHK winners are beautiful:
    – Loletta Chu
    – Michelle Reis
    – Emily Lo
    – Sonija Kwok

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    • llwy12 replied:

      @shimmerstars I agree with you. Having followed the MHK pageants for decades, my opinion of beautiful MHK winner’ is definitely different from those netizens (and personally, I don’t like to use the words ‘most beautiful’ because I don’t think any of the winners fall into that category). In addition to the MHK winners you listed as being beautiful, I would also add Joyce Godenzi (1984), Pauline Yeung (1987), Monica Chan (1989), Anita Yuen (1990) and Amy Kwok (1991). In terms of ‘sweet smile’ and ‘cute’ factor, I would probably choose Halina Tam (1994).

      Also, there were quite a few contestants who didn’t win first place but I would also consider them beautiful (especially back in the day when they were still active in the industry) — for example: Angie Chiu, Joan Tong, May Ng, Elizabeth Lee, Angela Yeung, Noelle Leung, etc…(those are just a few who come to mind as I’m typing…I’m sure there are many more…)

      Of course, even with all that said, everyone’s definition of ‘beauty’ is different at the end of the day, so this will always be one of those topics up for endless debate….

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  5. funnlim says:

    Not Aimee.

    Like one Japanese series said, Kawaii is not the same as Biji

    aka Cute is not the same as a beauty.

    Said in the deadpan way by Fukuyama Masaharu in Galileo 2.

    Anyway article did limit it to 2005 to 2015. So name the Miss HK in these years and let’s see… I will bet Grace is the thinnest.

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  6. idontknow says:

    I think Anita Yuen was also one of the prettiest Miss HKs.
    She may not be aging the best now, but she was really pretty back then. plus she also got the brains.

    I remember I watched her performance back then and her Q&A was answered very well

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  7. holiday says:

    Aimee is not pretty at all in my opinion and sucks as an actress.i was rooting for suki to win during that year she won, grace is pretty but to say she is the prettiest i would have to disagree. michelle reis, anne heung and shirley yeung are all really pretty winners.

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  8. coralie says:

    Even though she didn’t win Miss HK, my favorite contestant will always be Theresa Lee. She’s the funniest participant ever

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  9. kaykay408 says:

    If only the past decade, I think Aimee Chan is very cute. I know a lot of people didn’t like Toby Chan when she was crowded miss HK but recently in Brick slave she looks better and I thought she’s kinda cute. Rebecca Zhu and Grace Chan are the two I think prettiest among the miss HK in the last 10 years but I feel a little bit disappointed that Rebecca is from mainland and until nowadays she still can’t speak Cantonese well. Yes I’m bias and against mainland but it’s just my opinion lol. I think she’s pretty though. Grace is definitely the prettiest and very smart and likeable. Louisa is smart but not pretty (she just won because there were really no competition for her this year). And watch, Louisa would generate a lot of hate from the coworkers if she stay in the entertainment industry due to her know-all and win-all aka arrogant personality. She sugar coated really well but through interviews you can tell. Even the contestants don’t like her. She doesn’t suit to be an artist. Can see her as a lawyer or politician with her sharp tongue. Sorry I went kinda off topic lol.

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  10. jjwong says:

    Aimee Chan, really? Really? REALLY? She did look cute in that picture but by far not the prettiest. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you Aimee fans don’t need to go flamy because I don’t agree. She doesn’t look anything like her pageant self IMO. I couldn’t recognized her from the picture above.

    Who is this “one netizen”? Why is his or her opinion matters so much? Lol.

    I also agree with other posters about the 80s and 90s MHK re better pick.

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    • kaykay408 replied:

      @jjwong Yeah but the article only narrowed it down to the past decade though. There are not so many pretty miss HK past decade so Aimee is better than most of them. And yes she’s not pretty but very cute.

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      • jjwong replied:

        @kaykay408 Agree that she’s cute but not sexy pretty.

        Also to say she can still win with her current look now is very farfetched. These Netizens are cra-cra lol.

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  11. perfexto says:

    I think that Kate Tsui and Carat Cheung are most good looking, Aimee Chan and Grace Chan are okay, but not as good.

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