Alex Fong Admits He is Too Old for Mandy Wong and Ali Lee

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Alex Fong Admits He is Too Old for Mandy Wong and Ali Lee

Starring Alex Fong (方中信), Liu Kai Chi (廖啟智), Mandy Wong (黃智雯) and Ali Lee (李佳芯), upcoming TVB drama Legal Strongman <律政強人> recently held its initiation ceremony to mark the start of filming.

Since commencing filming for Legal Strongman, Alex has been very vocal about the excessive length of his character’s lines. At the ceremony, Alex finally had the opportunity to meet the scriptwriter. He immediately approached the scriptwriter and joked, “You got too carried away with writing!”

Alex added that it usually took him about five to six days to memorize the lines for each scene. He then jokingly requested that the scriptwriter alter a few scenes to have his character faint, so that he could take a break from memorizing all the lines. He said, “Please give me some fainting scenes, so that newcomers like Mandy and Ali will have more opportunities to shine!”

On his female co-stars, Alex laughed and said, “They are very attractive. If I were born a little later, I would definitely go after them.” On which one was prettiest, Alex said, “All of them are very pretty! The law firm is full of pretty girls.” When asked to compare Mandy and Ali, Alex insisted that both were equally pretty. He added that he did not share much chemistry with either of them. He joked, “Perhaps it’s because they find me old.”

As for whether Alex was afraid of his wife being jealous, he expressed, “No, not at all. She knows that I have not done anything.”


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3 comments to Alex Fong Admits He is Too Old for Mandy Wong and Ali Lee

  1. nori says:

    Why not pair up Alex Fong with Florence Kwok? She is a great actress. Although Florence is older, she still looks very much attractive compared to Mandy Wong and Ali Lee who are younger. Whats wrong with TVB? always pair up old actors with the much younger ones

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    • replied:

      That’s TVB. They suck. haha lol….I think perhaps b/c they really have limited actors and actresses now? I mean, look at all those actresses, all from ms. hk’s.
      and Mr. HK’s are not as popular as the ladies.
      Alex Fong is one of the actors I find still fit looking for his age, he doesn’t seem to age that much to me. He looks way better than a lot of actors his age as well. Not handsome by any means but maturely good looking. Florence Kwok is good, I like her too but she’s never been promoted I feel even when she was younger, she was never a lead so imagine now? Sad but that’s TVB reality, you can never see alot of good promoting w/some of those really really old actors/actresses. It’s like you see them all the time but you don’t even know his/her name. Or perhaps connections really play a big part as well. Florence Kwok looks good w/Alex than those pretty young ones because same age group can be interesting too.

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  2. aiya says:

    C’mon Alex, you’re from HK. Don’t you know it is customary to pair up old farts with young stuffs? In real life and in dramas. LOL!!

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