Andy Lau Brings Daughter to School on First Day

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Andy Lau Brings Daughter to School on First Day

Despite his megastar status, Andy Lau (劉德華) is unafraid to show up at daughter, Hanna‘s (劉向蕙) school. When Andy had attended Hanna’s kindergarten graduation this June, he attracted a photo frenzy from the crowd. But surprisingly, Andy was able to bring Hanna to school today unnoticed.

After a family vacation in Prague, Andy is ready to dive back into work full-force. Promoting his upcoming 20-session concert series in Hong Kong, Andy was asked whether he had brought his daughter to school on the first day of school. Andy laughed, “I knew everyone would ask. That’s why I coaxed you here so my daughter won’t be bothered.” Admitting that he was at Hanna’s school earlier, Andy said, “Today, I was like Batman. No one recognized me at the school.”

Asked if Hanna will be attending one of his concert performances, Andy said he will ask if she wants to go. If Hanna does attend, Andy will make sure the highest security will be in place and she will not be spotted in the crowd.

Although the paparazzi managed to snap photos of Hanna once in a while, it was still rare to see Hanna’s face in the media. The published photos of Hanna are usually very blurry and taken from afar. Unlike Leon Lai (黎明) who shared a photo of his four-month-old daughter earlier on Instagram, Andy does not see himself doing so for privacy reasons, “I won’t do that; I’m not used to it.”

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Andy Lau Brings Daughter to School on First Day

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  • 6 comments to Andy Lau Brings Daughter to School on First Day

    1. kmfayb says:

      Why shouldn’t Andy show up at his daughter’s graduation. He is her father, after all. In Hollyweird, the parents show up for their chidren’s events. This asian thing is so out of hand. The press sure prints some crappy news. No wonder the whole Asian generation thinks these famous people are so called gods and goddesses. Andy is not even an earthly king, and he and Jacky, Leon and shrimp boy certainly are not heavenly kings. The media makes me sick. Andy is a parent, and showing up for a child’s graduation is what parents do. I would want my child’s pic to be known. In a world with with so many triad kidnapping, I’d want my children’s faces known, so that if anyone sees them, they can report that my child has been seen, and where. Andy does overdo things though. No one is interesting in harassing his wife and children. All in his head.

      Login or Register before you can reply to kmfayb
      • kmfayb replied:

        I meant to say I would want my children’s faces to be seen so that If they are kidnapped, and anyone sees them, they can report it to the police.

        Login or Register before you can reply to kmfayb
        • daodao replied:

          @kmfayb depends on the person i guess. I know many regular people who does not like to have pictures of their kids posted on social media in general.

          As a mom i wouldn’t want random people to take pictures of my kid either.

          Login or Register before you can reply to daodao
        • kmfayb replied:

          @daodao yes, you r right. I guess Andy will never willingly pose with his daughter for the media. He certainly won’t do a Wu Chun either. He was so secretive and paranoid about protecting his family and now he pushes them in front of the cameras. It is just with so many celebrity kidnappings happening, it is good to know what the children look like. Then again, we all know what Hanna look like, so she can be recognized should the need arise. Andy is not flaring up with her face being exposed, but he is not going to push her in front of the camera. a bit paranoid but smart man.

          Login or Register before you can reply to kmfayb
        • jayj replied:

          @kmfayb I’m not sure why, but Andy Lau seems to attract a lot of crazies (compared to others that are on the same level as him). Since I was a kid I remember hearing all these crazy stories about fans harassing Andy. The worst being a crazy fan’s father committing suicide to force Andy to meet his daughter. If it were me, I’d try to keep my family out of the limelight as well.

          Login or Register before you can reply to jayj
        • kmfayb replied:

          @jayj ohyeah, I know what you mean, I deal with crazy ones everyday. That was one disturbed father, just as disturbed as his daughter, how sad. Some of Jackie Chan’s fans in Japan committed suicide when they learned he married. Nobody is getting near Hanna, not with such tight security.

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