Is Angel Fong Raymond Lam’s Former Lover Or Friend Only?

Raymond Lam (林峯) concealed his relationship with ex-girlfriend, Mavis Pan (潘霜霜), from the entire Asian region until their bed photos were leaked. Aside from hurting his female fans, the incident also affected the ticket sales of his concert.  Despite the Mavis scandal, 31-year-old Raymond threw caution to the wind and dated Xiamen beauty, Angel Fong (芳芳) behind Mavis Pan’s back!

To-date, Raymond and Angel’s relationship has not ended. Angel often slept over at Raymond’s Dynasty Court house, where she took numerous photos and played hostess in the pictures. Allegedly, Raymond dated Mavis and Angel at the same time. Mavis confirmed that she met Angel before and stated, “They broke up in front of me!” Although Raymond and Angel separated on the surface, they continued to meet secretly. Raymond’s [acting skills] can earn him the Best Actor Award!

Since the release of Raymond and Mavis’ bed photos in March 2011, his good image plummeted. Aside from losing a large number of fans, Raymond also lost a role in a mainland series. He lost both fans and money from the scandal. Realizing that the right path was not appearing, Raymond tried his best efforts to remediate. No matter where he appeared, Raymond put on his “Mr. Happy” face and allowed countless photographs. The beverage ad he endorsed will be released soon. Raymond will film Raymond Wong’s (黃百鳴) new big-budget movie, Valiant Legend <忠烈楊家將> next.

Although there was a bright future ahead, Raymond did not change his hardcore ways. Six months have not yet passed and Raymond already forgot about his “love injuries” and he continued to bring women back to his home. Face Magazine discovered that on August 12th, a woman named Angel Fong uploaded several photos on her blog. The background of the photos featured the vast collection of awards that Raymond Lam won over the years, while another photo featured a sled dog [Raymond owned a sled dog]. The photos were obviously taken at Raymond’s house. Although Angel was alone in the photos, she remained at Raymond’s house at 4 AM posting a message on her blog, “I can’t sleep! Let me post a photo for everyone to see!” Angel took the opportunity to boast that she was sleeping over at Raymond’s house.

Taking Frenzied Photos of Raymond’s House

Raymond’s Xiamen girlfriend, Angel Fong, took frenzied photos  of his house for her own memories. On August 12th, Angel posted the photos she took on her blog in the middle of the night. Behind Angel stood a wall prominently displaying Raymond Lam’s music and acting awards. One particular award from 2007’s Jade Solid Gold 3rd Quarter was extremely prominent, making it difficult for Raymond to deny [that Angel was indeed at his house]!

Dating Mavis Pan and Angel Fong at the Same Time

In December 2010, while Raymond and Mavis were still heatedly in love, Angel freely visited Raymond’s Dynasty Court apartment and took a photo with his sled dog. In March 2011, prior to the release of Mavis and Raymond’s bed photos, Angel was not officially together with Raymond. In a troubled mood, Angel posted on her blog that she was unhappy and vowed not to update her blog anymore.

After filming The Jade and the Pearl <翡翠明珠>, Raymond and Mavis started dating. Due to the release of a batch of bed photos in March, their Raymond and Mavis’ relationship ended. Raymond’s career was threatened while his fans scolded Mavis daily. Half a year later, the scandal died down.

In August, Mavis posted a message about enjoying her current filming project. Shockingly, Raymond’s new girlfriend, Angel Fong, left a taunting message on Mavis’ blog stating, “If you can see that I am here right now…you will regret loving this type of man!” Angel’s message challenged Mavis to look at the photo of her taken at Raymond’s house which was posted on Angel’s blog. Despite Angel openly declaring war, Mavis sealed her lips and did not respond. Mavis only admitted, “They broke up in front of me before!”


Aside from visiting Raymond’s house in August, Angel was also at his house in March this year. She took a photo of Raymond’s music awards and posted them on her blog, apparently eager to boast that she possessed a singer boyfriend! The photo featured the “ Popularity Award” and the “My Favorite Male Actor Award” that Raymond received at last year’s TVB Anniversary! In addition, Angel placed the “Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award” that Raymond received in 2009 on a bed and snapped a photo, writing on her blog, “Seize every opportunity to make yourself happy!”

Raymond Alternating Time Between Mavis and Angel

Angel was able to enter Raymond’s house in the midst of recent scandals since they have known each other for many years. An inside source revealed, “Angel and Raymond are both from Xiamen. Angel knew Raymond for a long time, even before he dated Mavis. Although he fell for Mavis, he continued to see Angel behind her back. Since both women did not live in Hong Kong, Raymond thought that by alternating Mavis and Angel’s visits at his home, he will not be found out!”

Since “paper cannot cover fire,” the alert Mavis quickly discovered that something was awry with Raymond. An inside source revealed, “Raymond complained that Mavis knew that he was also dating his Xiamen girlfriend. Although he liked Angel, he did not want to break up with Mavis. Thus, he pretended to break up with Angel in front of Mavis instead.”

Angel Fong is a Gold Digger

Unlike Mavis who came from a wealthy background, Angel worked as a bar girl at a Xiamen bar. Allegedly, Angel had good relations with an influential figure in China and even Raymond was afraid of him. A mainland source familiar with Angel Fong noted that she was greedy towards money and often had Raymond send her designer brand gifts. In February, Angel posted a photo of a Chanel brand condom and vowed to try it when she had the opportunity! To make Angel happy, Raymond gave her lavish gifts, including a Hermes bag and a $120,000 HKD Cartier Baignoire watch.Recently, Angel has been busy renovating her new house, posting, “Hubby, do you think the new decor looks beautiful?”


When the Mavis bed photo scandal occurred in March 2011 , Raymond cried publicly to pretend he was hurt. He was filming Return to the Three Kingdoms and could not avoid the paparazzi at the time, thus he forced tears to look pitiful.  In actuality, he continued to keep Angel by his side. Raymond never experienced not having a woman by his side!

Lying With Eyes Wide Open

On March 23, 2011 during the praying ceremony of Return to the Three Kingdoms <回到三國>, Raymond was asked by the press to speak about the Mavis bed photo scandal. Raymond forced a heartbroken expression to appear as a victim. He vowed to focus on work and averted his gaze.

“While dating her (Mavis Pan), if I hurt her through and incident or in any manner, I am willing to accept it, even if it were a trap.”

“Even if I were to listen or reflect upon the incident, I will feel pain inside my heart!”

“Each time I reflect upon my beautiful memories that belong to me, I am heartbroken!”

“I just hope that my emotions stabilize so I can work.”

Indulging in your lust is equivalent to hanging a knife upon your head (色字头上一把刀). In an earlier interview, Raymond noted that he will retain distance from the opposite sex, “When I step outside now, I am afraid of taking photos and facing the camera. Whenever a woman approaches me, my guard is up! I am very happy now. My love life is blank. However, work, playing toys and video games, and watching cartoons can also satisfy me!” Although he was afraid of the camera, Raymond continued to pick up women!

Angel Fong Already Married?

After Face Magazine’s expose on the underground relationship between Raymond and Angel was published, Appledaily reported that Angel was already a married woman and that she was only an old friend of Raymond’s from Xiamen. After Face Magazine’s article surfaced, Angel immediately erased all her blog entries and photos online, causing speculation over her actions.

When reporters asked Mavis Pan about Angel Fong, Mavis said, “I do not know who she (Angel) is. I have never seen her before.” (Did Mavis think that Angel may have been a third party in Mavis and Raymond’s relationship?) “He (Raymond) is in the past and no longer means anything to me.”

Raymond was currently filming Valiant Legend in Beijing and could not be reached for comment at the time of the news publication.


Excerpt from Face Magazine and Appledaily

Jayne: How many women will come forward to say, “I slept with Raymond Lam!” How many women will continue to use their sexual relationship with him as their ticket to fame?

Does Raymond follow Angel’s blog? When she showed early photos of Raymond’s awards taken at his house, he didn’t see those photos posted on her blog? Didn’t ask her to remove them??

Angel has an odd obsession in taking photos of Raymond’s awards while he’s not there. It almost seems like her intention to take photos with concrete evidence that she was indeed a frequent visitor at Raymond’s house.

Earlier, I asked this question, “If you slept with a famous celebrity, will you brag about it openly on your blog?” This is under the assumption that the relationship will not last in the long term and you are together for fun times or just enjoyment of the moment.

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  1. Really damn the MEDIA. Support Raymond lam, hope will come the truth prevails.

    1. Mars,
      LOL, you can start “Give Raymond Lam your trust and give him your vote!” campaign. 🙂

  2. Yes @Jayne, i already vote for him every day wont give up, will support, and GOOD JOB FOR YOU.

  3. There is always jealousy and curiosity when it come to celebrities. We admire and love Raymond as a singer, artist and entertainer. But please, Raymond should have a private life and we should respect that. I know 50% of the people will love him, and the others will not like him. So be it! Raymond is entitled to some form of decency as a human being.
    I can’t believe these so called “press/reporters” can stoop so low as to sensationalize and fabricate “news” to sell newspapers or magazines. That is pathetic, really despicable, and highly immoral. Beware of the consequence of one’s action. Whatever comes around goes around.
    Love and support Raymond!

  4. I don’t even know when Raymond is telling the truth or lying anymore. Before the Mavis photo scandal he said he hasn’t been dating for a while..then BAM the photos leaked. What a LIAR

    1. Then just think he lied all the time to make yourself feel easier, lol. Unless you blv-ed that he was a monk or asexual, you won’t feel you are lied.

      1. He said he hasn’t dated for a long time and it turns out he just dated Mavis early this year.

        That’s lying.

        Whether the listener believe his lie or not is immaterial. The act itself is lying.

      2. Of course he lied all the time. Who can blv that a 30 year-old normal guy that dun have sex demand for 13 years? Obviously, it’s a lie. But the listener feel “lied”, first they had to blv that he told truth. The answer is no, he lied before that and this lie is even too obvious.

      3. @Fox,

        Lying is wrong esp when you’ve loyal and non loyal fans thinking nice and good of you all the time. Yes, no big in lying but if a fan’s hopes on their idol is crashed due to his constant lying. That’s wrong in term on ethic. LF obviously is not an angel and his moral certainly needs to be corrected.

      4. @Veejay: You don’t read what I said? I said: Think that he lied ALL THE TIME.

        Lying about relationship is something artist and celebs all around the world do for centuries. Not the first time and not the first person. Why need to take it as a big deal :P.

        Nice or not nice personality is how they treat others ppl, different to their love relationship. Why mix two in one?

        A fan’s hopes? You mean of the childhood dream blah blah that Viann mentioned? Lol. This kind of dream is like a castle in the sand.

        You are saying like lying on love relationship is something very unethical. So by your logic, I can say that the whole artists world are unethical, LMAO~. What happen with the famous: “We are just friend” statement? Not only them, any of us who ever provide a lie will be a crime.

        Funny. White lie now is very important.

      5. @Fox,

        Of course lying is no big deal, me too lie sometimes depends on situation lol. BUT as an idol of million fans out there, LF should really be more careful not to be caught red handed. OK, once again, I’d like criticise that LF’s is a hot blooded young man who want sex just like other men does but he shouldn’t had lied about his relationships.

        Maybe you’re flexible but not to ‘some’ fans out there who harpes high hope on their idol.. trying to set them as target so they could “follow”.

      6. @Fox,

        Since we both agree that lying isn’t such a big deal plus LF isn’t someone I know in person lol. I think we should cease discussing about this old topic. Hate to discuss on old topic since the news already cool down or died off. but since Lilly was on it, I just agreed that lying isn’t something morally ethic we should follow but that doesn’t mean I never lie before in my life.

      7. @Veejay: It’s like a lesson to small kids =.= . Honesty, the kids now tell lies better than any of you and me here. And they grew up faster than us. They won’t listen to any artists who tell them “hey dun tell lie or tell lie is bad”. They will say: “Meh, keep singing, acting, dancing and blah blah. The whole world know you guys are all lying.”

        BUT as an idol of million fans out there, LF should really be more careful not to be caught red handed.

        You mean he should be a better liar? Lol.

      8. @Fox,

        Yes for this sentence “BUT as an idol of million fans out there, LF should really be more careful not to be caught red handed.” LOL

        My fren and I always joke about being a better liar, he says if you want to lie on someone, something, makesure you’re a better liar then them of which I agree LOL. Like I posted before, Lying isn’t such a big deal BUT LF must be smart not to be caught red handed LOL.

        Also, speaking about some fanatic fan, liek the one Andy lau had last time, the fan’s father had to jumped sea just to save her daughter from idolise Andy too much until they sold their home etc just to support their daughter’s dream of meeting Andy. Well, we never know maybe there are still fans out there who dream and idolise LF until crazy and after their dreams crashed or something, they might do something silly to themselves ?

      9. 6 months go and nobody jumped from any bridges. So we can confirm that LF fans are not that childish.

      10. BTW, he can keep the lies for 13 years and if PSS dun revealed, he still can continue the lie. So it means he is a quite good liar. Too bad, he underestimated his gf. It proved an old quote: “Men think they are smarter than women but they are all women’s baby.”

        Hehe, so feel proud of woman power!

      11. @Fox,

        We CANNOT confirm all LF’s fans are mature because some fanatics may not commit suicide for their idol anymore but may resort in other horrible acts.

      12. @Fox,

        I always think the PSS’ revealation had someone to backup PSS. I mean someone powerful who hold grudges on LF and wanted to crash his career supported PSS to reveal her past relationship with LF. OR it could be out of grudges and hatres that PSS hold for LF for dumping her..

      13. Next, Face :P. But your theory on someone in the background is interesting, can give to TVB to make a series :P.

      14. Interesting question “Anything worse than suicide?” yes. Some ppl may take Suicide as something worst but to me Suicide is someone who’s willing/plan to end their dear life therefore they no longer have the desire to live on hence the suicide commited. But if ppl hurts their family whether pyschically or mentally, that’s worse than suicide.

        Let me ask you, would u label those who jumped out from the TWin Trade center on 911 as suicider?

      15. @Veejay: No. They want to save their life and in this moment, they can’t think more. 1% of living is better than just stand and wait in hopeless.

        But if ppl hurts their family whether pyschically or mentally, that’s worse than suicide.

        Hmm, I dun think anyone will go that far just because of an artist had gf.

      16. “Let me ask you, would u label those who jumped out from the TWin Trade center on 911 as suicider?”

        No, I term that as homicide. THey had no choice but to jump. Either burnt or suffocate to death or jump to death. It is not a choice between death and life. So I agree with the death certs which says homicide, They were murdered.

        And for those who kills themselves over whatever their idols do, let’s just say good riddance to these idiots. They don’t deserve life for being so darn stupid.

      17. But what is worse than suicide? Death? But it is only worse for the living. The dead is dead. And depending on which religion you are, probably burning in hell or suffering eternal pain or something like that.

        There are things people can do that is worse than suicide. Killing other people? Maiming other people? That sort of thing?

    2. Yea, I find that wrong that he can continue to lie like that.. I guess he has not learned from other artists that have lied in the past…. Now I guess he is paying for it since a number of his fans are now no longer his fans anymore. I personally would find it hard to be a big fan of someone that would constantly lie to their teeth like that…

      1. Keke, are you sure?

        For example:

        HXM hasn’t admitted the relationship with Angelababy even they are got caught many times :P.

        Yang Mi still denied she dun have plastic surgeries :P. Plus point is her relationship with Feng Shao Feng.

        I rmb these two in your list, and ironically, they are involving in two rumour about lie :P.

        Don’t make lie as a big deal. You haven’t learned from past scandals? All the artists are lying.

        Uhm, he lost fans but at the same time gain fans. Now in HK, he is more famous than before. So it’s his big loss or big gain?

  5. Get a life. The last time checked, this man is a single, independent person and has the right to engage in a personal/physical relationship with any woman (celebrity or not) willing to participate. He’s a grown ass man for god’s sake. As far as the writer of this article is concerned, I find it interesting that every detail, every nuisance is written about and the reader is suppose to believe this crap. Unless this person was personally there to witness the activities taking place, and or overhear the conversations being made, I think the readers should take all of this as hearsay gossip. As far as “Angel” posting these photos on her blog… I think you need to ask the question, what was her motive for doing so.

  6. From an American Chinese perspective on celebrity media, there seems to be a lack of respect for the personal lives of your entertainers. Hype and gossip tends to be the norm without checking the validity of information is disturbing at best. This type of reporting is really alarming to fans in the States. As entertainment execs and artists all strive to get ahead in the industry, the dogmatic mentality among Asian artists sucks!

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