Angelababy’s Response When Asked About Retiring from the Industry

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Angelababy’s Response When Asked About Retiring from the Industry

Making her debut as a model at the age of 14, the 30-year-old Angelababy (楊穎) has long been the target of gossip. Slammed with rumors regarding plastic surgery, marital discord, and diva attitude, the actress has had her fair share of criticisms over the years. Recently, Angelababy was a guest on the variety show, My Better Me <变身总动员>, and host Liu Wei (刘维) curiously asked, “Many annoying people are spewing nonsense online. Do you get really angry when you encounter such unhappy words?”

After thinking about it, Angelababy replied, “Actually, I did in the beginning.”

Once she finished answering, she suddenly opened a bag of candy and stuffed it into her mouth. Liu Wei saw and yelled, “You’re starting to get mad!”

Guest Ma Weiwei (马薇薇) chimed in and said, “She is really angry.”

However, Angelababy quickly explained she doesn’t let the comments get to her. “Actually [haters] are just saying it casually, but who would care about it in real life?” she asked.

Hearing this, Liu Wei asked if she ever thought about withdrawing from the entertainment industry. Angelababy, who has high EQ, said, “If that was the case, everyone would probably have a lot less fun. Who else would they bash online then?”

Her straightforward comment caused co-host Shen Mengchen (沈梦辰) to feel upset. “I’m really sad and heartbroken for her,” Mengchen expressed. “Although she was smiling while saying that, I feel very uncomfortable on the inside. I truly admire her.”

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  1. dreamer says:

    I do feel like ABB gets a lot of hate (from inluding me). I dont know why, i just find her overbearing and fake in variety shows. Then, I also find her singing and acting crappy. Most people who get hate, improve (Sisley Choi, Charmaine, etc) Her acting hasn’t improved at all. I couldn’t finish her latest drama “My True Friend”. Aside from the bad script, her acting made it so unbearable. Moreover, her character was also hateful (has too many double standards), which didn’t help me like her.
    Unlike in the case of Sulli who I think didn’t deserve the hate because she got hated for her personal life (relationship and go without bra). I could care less what she does in her personal life because it doesn’t affect me. I think ABB deserves the hate because she causes me unable to finish any of her work that I want to watch because of the other actors. She ruin it for the viewers. Moreover, she does nothing to improve, like taking acting classes or not be the female lead. How about being the second or third lead? She keeps accepting female leads, knowing her bad acting very well. She should just accept a drama with her as female lead and her husband as male lead. I will surely avoid that drama like a plague.

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    • msxie0714 replied:


      I think you’re offering constructive criticism which she deserves.

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  2. m0m0 says:

    given that she literally have 0 talent other than the looks, one got to make up for it w/ high EQ right? i quite like her response. btw, despite all the rumors, i still think she’s pretty esp in her modeling days.

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    • littlefish replied:

      @m0m0 high EQ or shameless lol. Imma make buck load of money, so say what you will but I’m sticking with this. Lol

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