Benjamin Yuen Defends Bowie Cheung After Driver Flips Her Off

By on January 31, 2019 in NEWS

Benjamin Yuen Defends Bowie Cheung After Driver Flips Her Off

Since Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪) and Bowie Cheung (張寶兒) began dating in 2017, they have been very loving towards each other, and it is clear Benjamin really cares for her. In several instances in the past, he always stood up for Bowie when she was attacked by netizens. Today, Benjamin showed off his manly side again after a fellow driver gave Bowie the middle finger on the road.

Frustrated, Benjamin took to Facebook to stand up for his girlfriend. Revealing the driver’s license plate, he wrote, “Black travel version of the Legacy B4, your driving attitude is very bad. You were speeding, pushed people, and raised your middle finger. Four-eye brother, I am giving you a like.”

Netizens and fans guessed they encountered unfriendly treatment while driving, but his harsh tone and vague post only left people asking for the whole story. Afterward, Benjamin replied with the details to satisfy people’s curiosity. Apparently, Bowie was driving in the fast line when a car behind kept flashing its high lights at the couple and pushing them. Finally, the car changed lanes, and Benjamin rolled down his window, pointed at the driver, and asked what he wanted. The four-eye brother gave Bowie his middle finger before speeding off.

“I think he is really terrible!” Benjamin exclaimed. “Being faster by a little is not a problem but pushing people is very dangerous.” A group of netizens left messages to support him.

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9 comments to Benjamin Yuen Defends Bowie Cheung After Driver Flips Her Off

  1. mike says:

    Not manly at all. Just a keyboard warrior running his mouth afterwards. Just move on with your live like most other people would do.

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  2. mihk1994 says:

    I guess Ben’s gf doesn’t know the rule of the road. If you must drive slower when there is heavy traffic or bad weather that’s fine. However, if you block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic by driving too slowly, you should move to the right. My uncle got a ticket on the highway for driving too slow on the fast lane or far left lane because he was blocking traffic flow according to the cop. The cop pulled him over and gave him a ticket. It seems a lot of drivers especially Asians don’t understand the rule of the road. When another driver is close behind you or if there are more than a couple cars behind you in the fast lane, and wish to drive faster, please move to the right and let the vehicle pass.

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    • mi88 replied:

      @mihk1994 I get what you mean, but can’t really conclude that Bowie doesn’t know the rules of the road. Ben didn’t describe the weather when the situation happened so how would you know if Bowie drove slower because of those reasons? And say if the weather was fine, according to this article, Ben did not state Bowie’s speed; therefore, you can’t sum up that she was driving slow. It is possible that the driver behind her was driving too fast. I know it’s a fast lane, but that doesn’t mean they have the right to drive as fast as they want. Also if that driver was close behind her, pushing, her, and giving the middle finger, I don’t see that driver be right. Not only is it rude (middle finger) and dangerous (pushing), the driver itself should always leave a certain gap so that both cars are safe.

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      • melia880 replied:

        @mi88 I saw Ben’s original post which said Bowie was going 85 in an 80 zone. Agree that there is a possibility the other driver was going too fast; however the lanes are not really split by “fast” and “slow”. The left lane is actually for passing, so if you’re going at a steady speed, even if it’s over the speed limit like Bowie, you should not be on the left lane. You should only be on the left lane to pass, but since the other driver was able to pass her using the middle lane, she was probably driving too slowly or just in the wrong lane. Doesnt excuse the other guy’s poor behavior but Bowie also takes part of the blame for danger, and for not knowing the rules of the road.

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      • mi88 replied:

        @melia880 ok

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      • mihk1994 replied:

        @mi88 I get what you mean about the other driver was probably tailgating their car. But just to be safe, she should just pull over to the right and let the other car passes by. The other driver could be on drug or drunk. Regardless of what happened, I think it’s just for safety concern, I would definitely pull to the right.

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      • mi88 replied:

        @mihk1994 Same.
        At least nothing happened to either of them. Just a really big commotion because of his post lol and we’re part of it

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  3. aidenchan says:

    It’s definitely annoying when someone is driving slowly in the lanes reserved for faster drivers. There’s a reason there are multiple lanes. The guy didn’t need to be a road bully and push them or flip them off but Ben’s GF should have been in the slower lanes in the first place. And Ben didn’t need to be a cyber bully with calling the driver out online. So much impatience and anger these days.

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  4. hayden says:

    Yes I agree Bowie should move to the slower lane instead of being in the fast lane. Although she is driving 85 in 80 zone, but the other driver may be going faster or in a hurry and will be really annoyed if a car road-hog. Also is dangerous for fast cars to switch lanes to overtake which may lead to accidents.

    Although I do not condone to the other driver’s behavior but I do not see a need why Ben should rolled down his window and point to the driver. This will further provoke the situation, just let it passed tho.

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