Bernice Liu Said that Moses Chan Is Gay?

Although Bernice Liu Bik Yee and Moses Chan Ho always publicly denied their relationship, many insiders within the entertainment industry knew they were dating.  When tabloids published photos of Bernice on a date with Alastair Lam, her six-year relationship with Moses ended in a dramatic fashion.

According to an inside source, Bernice had dated two men at the same time in the past. While dating Hawick Lau Hoi Wai, Bernice allegedly stole another woman’s boyfriend. When she first entered the industry, she befriended the owner of Mence Beauty, Mrs. Leung and her daughter, Vicky. Allegedly, Bernice fell for the man due to his wealth. In response to the rumors, Vicky said, “I will not respond to the question as it does not pertain to myself.”

In June, the paparazzi photographed Bernice partying on a yacht with a group of friends. In the photos, there was a tall American Born Chinese (ABC) man who stood by Bernice’s side all night. Why was the wealthy ABC man interested in Bernice if her romance with Moses was half-public? An inside source said, “Whether speaking to ad vendors or wealthy friends, Bernice always said that her pairing with Moses was arranged by TVB. She hinted that Moses did not prefer women and was ‘gay.’ So people outside the entertainment industry thought this was the truth.”

Bernice realized that Moses was deeply in love with her and thus successfully got out of each escapade. Moses chose to believe her in each incident. Afraid that Bernice would believe his rumors with female co-stars, Moses often drew clear boundaries from these rumors, including ones with Charmaine Sheh Si Man earlier this year.

Many friends were concerned about Moses’ on-again-off-again relationship with Bernice. When the press published photos of Bernice and Alastair together, Moses’ friends felt it was unfair for him and worried whether he would wake up from his reverie. Moses said calmly, “Prior to the press publishing the photos, I was unaware of the incident. I don’t want to look at it anymore!” Moses also indicated that he has not been in contact with Bernice since the incident. Was Moses angry? “I have always treated relationships in an understated manner. It is enough that I know it inside! I do not want her to have any negative press and do not want her to get hurt!” (If Bernice explained to you, will you go back to her?) “I think…it is best to focus on my career now. I don’t know how to answer!”

Regarding allegations that Bernice had a history of dating two men at the same time, Moses said, “There are always going to be many different rumors circulating. Bernice is a kind-hearted woman. When I see that she is happy, I am okay. Anyway, the past is the past!” (She said that you are gay?) “I have never heard of this. My response is the same: the past is the past!” Moses did not have anything negative to say about Bernice.

Bernice’s Response

In response to rumors that Bernice stole a boyfriend from the daughter of a beauty salon owner, she said that she was uncertain of who the tabloid report referred to and did not respond. (Did Bernice circulate rumors that said Moses Chan was gay?) Bernice did not answer directly but noted that she did not want to implicate friends and colleagues. Although she denied living together with Alastair Lam, she will not avoid having dinner with him. (Did Bernice only select wealthy friends?) “I don’t understand what that means. Since I was young, I made friends with good people, regardless of whether they have money or not.”

Bernice hinted that she knew the person who spoke anonymously with the tabloid. “The world is round. How you treat others, this will come back full-circle to you.” She emphasized this statement three times and said that retribution will fall on the person. Since Moses became a “victim,” Bernice said she was helpless on the matter.

Excerpt: Mingpao Weekly # 2197, the Sun

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  1. maybe Bernice should start going 50cent up their asses and record a diss song LOLOL.

  2. This is why artistes prefer to keep it secret when they’re only “dating”. It’s because when they “broke up” the media will cook up their own version of the dish and while bringing high publicity, will either hurt one(or both) parties involved.

    In this whole fiasco, it seems that Moses=victim, and Bernice=perpetrator?

  3. I feel bad for Bernice. It seems that the HK media is trying to paint as bad a light on her as possible.

    What with her snatching people’s boyfriend, serial two timing and telling others Moses is gay?

    I don’t like the atmosphere of the HK gossip news now. Sheren and Ng Wai Kwok were right. Sheren once said that HK entertainment mags now are like porn mag. They love to capture actresses in revealing compromising pose (one photographer actually asked Sheren to take off her coat, when Sheren refused, they reported that she’s black faced). Ng Wai Kwok, on the other hand, commented that nowadays, magazines like to use very negative and ugly words when they are reporting. In the past, even when they reported on relationship, they didn’t use demeaning words.

    I also notice that when a actor/actress is on the rise, the media will start ‘reporting’ bad things about them. Bernice has just gotten back to filming series again and she’s acting in a long sitcom and now gossip mag is targeting her.

  4. From Bernice Twitter

    Thx to Cha-Seew-Yun for giving me a few mins just to speak my mind this morning! At least today I got to start it up my way :)”

    Where can I listen to this interview. I hope someone put it up somewhere.

  5. What utter crap! This article is darn stupid and inflammatory. If Bernice did say that I like her even less. I feel this is the tabloid trying to injure one and save another. If he’s gay, then she’s a golddigger.

    1. And even if he is, to have her out him that way is unbecoming of her.

      Frankly I just think this article is pure crap. I don’t believe Bernice is that ungracious.

  6. Moses Chan denied all the negative rumors for Bernice, yet tabloids still go ahead and provide all the filler.

  7. Of course the media knows that Bernice is a gold-digger but is just saying it softly or actually quite directly. The thing is, its hard to tell what Bernice is saying to the media because she’s a CBC and really don’t know what the hell she is saying in Chinese. Of course she has her fans but let’s just face it. She’s just another b-list entertainer out to hook a rich guy.

  8. Who cares if Moses is gay, he’s still a great actor. It’s 2010 (going on 2011)…why the heck do we still put labels on people in an attempt to make ourselves feel better about ourselves? Lame…really lame.

    1. Moses is far from a great actor to me, but I feel that whatever his sexual preference is and whoever he ends up with is his personal life.

      Unfortunately, a lot of readers love reading sensationalized gossips and scandals; where there’s a demand there’ll be supply. Too bad HK journalism is going this way.

    2. The purpose of labels is for easier identification. So, if not ‘gay’ what do you call people who play on the same field? There has to be a term for it.

      There is nothing wrong with the word ‘gay’. It’s the perception and feeling people attached to the word that matters. People’s feelings will not change just because you don’t use the ‘label’.

      “It’s 2010 (going on 2011)”
      This reminds me of what Prince Philip said in Sleeping Beauty. “It’s the 14th century!”

    3. “he’s still a great actor”

      I disagree, he is the worst lead actor in 2010. WORST. He also IMO all of his series in 2010 are UNWATCHABLE.

      If he is gay. Good for him. He really needs to hire a publicists since his career has two sides: good and bad publicity.

  9. WOW, what a BS article… I wonder how much of it is true??? Bernice doesn’t seem like that type of person, but then again I don’t know her personally so who really knows??? Hopefully, she did not say those things about Moses but IF she did then I have lost all respect for her. Moses is being a gentleman and not saying anything bad about her so I hope that she did not say anything bad about him.

    I also wonder who she is referring to at the end of the article?? Or is it a cover up for herself??? No one really knows…. I wonder if the truth will ever come out since no one knows what to believe or not anymore?? sigh…

  10. I hv always been a big fan of them since Love Bond.

    I hv a cousin staying in HK. She knows Moses & Bernice personally as she hangs out with the celebrities there too. I remember asking her if they were really dating. She said not that she knows of. However, she added that Moses is a true gentleman & a very nice guy. On the other hand, Bernice has a reputation for being a gold digger even with the insiders. Not a genuine person unlike Moses. How true I don’t knw bt I definitely don’t hv a gd opinion on Bernice since then.

  11. I don’t understand why softspoken effiminate guy = gay. Until Moses says I love men, I shall not believe a single word of this utter crap. Moreover, however much I may be Team Moses when it comes to Bernice and his relationship (which I still believe is or was real), I refuse to believe Bernice is such an ungracious person. Even if her taste in men may change or her view of love may be different, I see her as classy person and classy person will not simply deny a dating rumour so absolutely with the reply “Oh he’s gay!”.

    I have no problem with Moses being gay but I am sick to death that

    a. deny dating rumour = he’s gay
    b. effiminate = he’s gay
    c. no girlfriend = he’s gay
    d. single bachelor = he’s gay
    e. seen with a guy = he’s gay

    Until and unless he dances in a nightclub with a guy twisting his hips against that guy, NO, I refuse to believe this crap. Or until he walks out of a jaguar of a super rich guy.

    1. +1. Bernice isn’t dumb nor is she ungracious. If she really was, she isn’t dumb enough to say so to risk being even more flamed. I agree with the person who said that maybe it’s because she’s a CBC, she’s not too articulate in expressing herself in Chinese which makes her a target for reporters twisting her words.

  12. Moses seems like such a nice person thru his comments about the situation. He’s not putting her down or anything but yet he only has good things to say about her. On the other hand she seems like an inconsiderate, greedy, and selfish person. I don’t know why she’s referring to him as a co-worker or “somebody” when all along she called him her good friend. So how did her good friend become a co-worker it just makes her look so bad. I don’t know why she’s distancing herself from him cause she found herself a new boy toy? She should just take the high road and be the bigger person by not saying anything or just wish him the best and move on. Why would she have to distance herself from him when all along she wasnt? It definitely makes it seem like she has something to hide. Moses seems like such a grounded and down to earth good person. I hope he finds himself some that can make him happy because he deserves someone much better than her if they were really going out. She is pretty but there are always gonna be younger n prettier people that will come along. Looks can only take her so far it would not take her the whole way. Who knows what happened but if she really did leave Moses for that rich boy toy of hers just for his money then I’m sure the same will come back to her once she becomes old and ugly. Looks aren’t gonna last forever. What goes around definitely will come around and she should remember that next time before she acts. Moses should find someone with a better personality cause she seems like she dont got one.

      1. @ Kate

        The translation is inaccurate. ‘yan dey’ on Cantonese has many meaning but ‘somebody’ is not one of them.

        ‘Yan dei’ can be used to refer to the following
        – others
        – he/she/them
        – the speaker himself/herself

        yan dei dim tai ngo ng lei
        (I don’t care what others think)

        yan dei wah nei mou lai mau ah
        (they said you have no manners)

        yan dei dou mou gong gwo
        (I never said that)

        I do agree that using the term ‘yan dei’ sounds distant and a bit cold. But, it’s not so cold as saying ‘somebody’. Also, Bernice is an ABC. Her grasp of cantonese is not as good as native speakers.

        What I see is, the HK media decided to paint Moses as the forgiving victim and Bernice as the selfish gold digging jilter.

    1. Dammit, for the last time she’s NOT a golddigger! Seriously! I know her! Not literally, but YEAH YOU GET WHAT I MEAN!

  13. I must say moses looks pretty gay in that leather jacket and earring combo

    1. Many people have piercings these days… and Moses hair has always been like that

  14. poor moses and bernice… the media should really just let go and give them them privacy. I can imagine how stressful it’d be for the media to keep stirring up their personal life, real or not.

  15. Moses is probably just metrosexual.. like raymond but they’re not gay.. (metrosexual = ppl/men who r into fashion)

  16. Perhaps Bernice did not handle this situation as well as she could have… but I still feel the news and reporters have been completely unfair to her. Seems like no comment to the reporters = I’m guilty and and slutty gold-digger. Seems like Moses and Bernice are both doing well in their own personal lives…

  17. Any guys in the industry that are caught lingering with women are deemed to be a player or sexually promiscuous . While those who aren’t, are in question of their sexual orientation. A double edged sword.

  18. I heard the interview of Bernice with Chay Siu Yan. She basically said that her friends and family have asked her to come-out and clear the situation since it has gotten out of hand. She said that her and Alastair are friends and nothing wrong with friends going to eat together. When she meets people it’s not bc they are rich but bc of compatibility. She mentioned that she knows who the is the person who spread the news. She said that Moses is her friend and colleague and that she did not spread rumors of him being gay. It was a very short interview but the main point is that whatever you are reading is not true etc… At the end of the day, who cares, it’s just gossips.

  19. I’ve also listened to the interview between Bernice and Char Siu Yan.
    Adding to jazemine summary, Bernice also said the follow.
    – She said she knew who is the person who spread the rumour and said very firmly that it’s not Moses (some newspaper hinted that the person who said spreading the rumour is Moses).
    – She also said Moses has clarified with her that he didn’t say the things reported in the news like ‘let bygone be bygone’ etc.
    – She has known Alastair Lam for quite some time. She knew him through another friend during a group get together. This group of friends mostly speak in english and are interested in Business Admin, the subject she majored in University.

  20. I heard the interview of Bernice with Chay Siu Yan. She basically said that her friends and family have asked her to come-out and clear the situation since it has gotten out of hand. She said that her and Alastair are friends and nothing wrong with friends going to eat together. When she meets people it’s not bc they are rich but bc of compatibility. She mentioned that she knows who the is the person who spread the news. She said that Moses is her friend and colleague and that she did not spread rumors of him being gay. It was a very short interview but the main point is that whatever you are reading is not true etc… At the end of the day, who cares, it’s just gossips.

    1. WELL SAID! I agree. (yes. I am putting my two cents’ worth on almost every comment).

  21. Bernice wasn’t a really good actor anyways, she’s pretty and all, but her acting isn’t as great as other people in TVB. She would be perfect for a good slut though, with those good looks.

  22. Bernice must have did something that have upset the paparazzi. 🙁 I don’t know her personally, but she really doesn’t seem to be the type like how the articles are describing her.

    1. Agree with you post. I’ve only watched her interviews during the Steps promotions. But in all, I was impressed by her poise and class when fielding the reporter/interview’s question.

      Even now despite all this negative news, my impression of her has not been tarnished. I know how unscrupulous tabloid reporters can.

  23. Wow, I had no idea that Bernice was like this. She doesn’t look like one of those girls I guess. This is such a shocker!! A part of me kinda believes Moses is gay but there’s always that, “…nahhhhhhhh”. ;x

      1. Well, none of us know her personally so who really knows if she is like this or not?? We can all just assume she is like this or not. However, none of us really know the truth…

  24. To rise to stardom thats what it takes, greed and fame can really show the worst side of people like bernice.

  25. I’m surprise some girl hadn’t gone psycho and cause some serious bodily harm to her.

  26. Have only 2 words to say.
    NO WAY.
    Firstly… Bernice is not that kind of woman from my impressions after meeting and talking to her.
    Secondly… Moses is not gay, don’t be crazy.
    Thirdly… HK gossip is getting seriously out of hand… this is so wrong. They’re both awesome, Bernice and Moses. If she wasn’t a good person I wouldn’t have been able to limp back to the hotel with only a plastered knee instead of a bloody leg… yeah, in a nutshell I fell she helped.

    1. Just because you have spoken to her like a couple of times does not imply that you really know her. You have to spend quite a bit of time with a person for at least a year or so to get to really know them.

      ABout Moses being gay, I doubt it too but once again, who really knows?? Many celebs and public figures have all of a sudden come out of the closet. I am sure that that has shocked many people, therefore, don’t be shocked if anything suddenly happens out of the blue(not to say that Moses is really gay though but just trying to imply that anything is possible).

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