C-pop Idol Group Rocket Girls to Disband

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C-pop Idol Group Rocket Girls to Disband

The girls had previously trained for two years together.

Chinese girl group Rocket Girls (火箭少女101), who debuted from 2018’s hit reality talent competition Produce 101 <創造101>, are due to disband in a month’s time following the end of the stipulated two-year period. With many of the members penning farewell messages on Weibo recently, fans have been feeling emotional.

Strong Bond and Fan Support

Officially formed on June 23, 2018, the 11 members of the Rocket Girls are managed by different entertainment companies. Led by Yamy (郭穎), the team of 11 including Meng Meiqi (孟美岐), Wu Xuanyi (吳宣儀), Yang Chaoyue (楊超越), Duan Aojuan (段奧娟), Lai Meiyun (賴美雲), Zhang Zining (張紫寧), Sunnee, Mimi Lee (李紫婷), Fu Jing (傅菁) and Xu Mengjie (徐夢潔) were voted from nearly 100 contestants by the audience. Launching their entertainment careers following the hit show, the girls had trained for two years together before their breakout debut.

On May 23, Meng Meiqi shared her thoughts on social media, bemoaning how quickly time has passed. “These 700 days – during which we grew and transformed into a better version of ourselves – has given me the most joy in these two years.”

Yamy, who is the oldest member at 28, penned a more positive message, “It’s been almost two years since the band was formed. Surprise, anxiety, strength, anticipation, are all the energies which all of you have given me.”

Yang Chaoyue revealed feeling a little melancholy about the disbanding, “Very happy to have everyone’s company during this time, and really grateful for the support of everyone on the team.”

With all the girls posting their farewell thoughts on the same day and counting down to the disbandment, emotions are at an all-time high. Many fans left encouraging comments hoping that each of the girls will continue to shine in their careers down the road.

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This article is written by JoyceK for JayneStars.com.

4 comments to C-pop Idol Group Rocket Girls to Disband

  1. m0m0 says:

    i don’t understand why disband. 9 percent too, if they are doing well, why not stay together?

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    • ohmygoshy replied:

      Because they are only a temporary group with a contract for 2 years. The members are from different companies, so when the contract is up, a lot of the companies would want the members back to be manage by their own company.

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  2. bizzybody says:

    I don’t really follow girl or boy bands but recently watched 2 episodes of Chuang 2020 during lockdown out of boredom. I recall seeing a few of girls from this band plus other bands joining the program. I think it’s to form a new girl band but I may be wrong.
    With this article I guess maybe disbanded due to not being popular enough with so much competition around? Really tough and stiff competition with k-pop, j-pop etc..

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    • hetieshou replied:

      You made some good points and I must say that foreigners seem to love Kpop a lot and they are heavily trained before debuting so it is very competitive. Sadly foreigners do not like Cpop or even Jpop much anymore. That is why many Chinese and Japanese artists try to become a Kpop artist to get more popular as Kpop is so popular now.

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