Cecilia Cheung Finally Admits to Giving Birth

By on December 17, 2018 in NEWS

Cecilia Cheung Finally Admits to Giving Birth

Cecilia Cheung (張栢芝) has remained silent since news surfaced that she gave birth on November 25, which caused many to start doubting if she truly had a third baby. However, yesterday, Cecilia’s studio finally confirmed on social media that the 38-year-old actress did give birth to a baby boy in November.

Though she did not divulge any further on why she kept her pregnancy and the identity of the child’s father a secret, Cecilia positively addressed that she will work hard to create a better future for her children and bring forward better projects for everyone.

The Weibo post read: “Children and family are always the most important people for Cecilia to protect, so in the coming days, she will do the best she can to create a better quality of life for her children to grow up in. Cecilia will also be diligent and work hard in bringing better projects for everyone. The little prince is a month old now, and we are so thankful for everyone’s blessings!”

Several fans had left congratulatory messages and blessings for Cecilia and some commented that they hope she would give birth to a girl next time, so that she can inherit Cecilia’s beautiful looks.

However, the sudden confession had many confused as to why Cecilia did not openly address the matter when she made two physical appearances post-partum. It had even appeared that she wanted to cover-up the truth. Her good friend, Bonnie, had even denied Cecilia gave birth.

With no disclosure on the father’s mysterious identity, discussions on his identity continued. Along with the rumored father being a 65-year-old wealthy Singaporean businessman of elite status and a shareholder of a large food conglomerate in Singapore. There are also reports that claim the father is a Mainland Chinese billionaire instead.

Source: Ettoday

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8 comments to Cecilia Cheung Finally Admits to Giving Birth

  1. tungamy says:

    Crazy Rich Asians movie people but in real life?

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  2. moseenaddict says:

    Well good for her.. her last chance at securing a wealthy man and giving him a child(boy) as extra security blanket before she can no longer have children. Not being harsh here because I do like Cecilia.. she is a good mother and is taking as much responsibility as she can for her two sons… which Nic neglects.

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  3. kmuk says:

    All busy bodies should mind their osn business. Cecelia has every right to keep her silence because she does not need to answer to all the nosey gossipers.

    Beat it folks and get a life yourself.

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  4. sherla1019 says:

    It shows she really does luv her kids hope she’ll find true love also hope its not the 60yrd old tho

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  5. yuaida says:

    When you give birth for a “Sugar-daddy”, obviously you’re too embarrassed to shout it out to the world.

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    • passingby replied:

      @yuaida I just hope the sugar daddy will be responsible for his baby otherwise poor Nic will be bringing up someone else’s kid.

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  6. coralie says:

    The way she did this makes everything way more shady than it is. Unless she plans on never disclosing the baby’s father, otherwise this is going to keep haunting her.

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  7. cutie777 says:

    I wonder too if she’s having his baby why not just moved in with him instead living separate? Unless the surgar daddy family doesn’t like her to be of their family? Reporter been very nosy sometimes but didn’t notice she has a baby bump before she give birth to another boy? Until now after she give birth?

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