Dissatisfied with Yang Mi’s Studio, Fans Organized a Boycott and Made 7 Demands

By on September 5, 2019 in NEWS, TV Dramas

Dissatisfied with Yang Mi’s Studio, Fans Organized a Boycott and Made 7 Demands

Few artistes have fans as dedicated as Yang Mi’s (楊冪) supporters. With the recent questionable quality of Yang Mi’s dramas with Jay Walk Studio, some fans are worried that her newest project from the studio may damage the 32-year-old actress’ image. To support Yang Mi, the fans are threatening to boycott Jay Walk Studio and brought forth seven demands.

Jay Walk Studio is Using Yang Mi’s Star Power?

As fans look at Yang Mi’s dramas that were produced by Jay Walk such as Negotiator <談判官>, The Great Craftsman <筑梦情缘> and V Love <微時代>, fans notice that Jay Walk Studio dramas’ ratings are usually mediocre and fail to achieve a perfect five-star rating. In addition, fans discover that Yang Mi usually stars alongside with the same group of artistes and are suspecting that Jay Walk Studio is using Yang Mi’s name to promote new artistes.  Coupled with the lack of fresh faces and the decreasing quality of the dramas, fans are increasingly worried for Yang Mi.

On Sunday, Jay Walk Studio announced their next project titled Getting You a Warm Sunlight<許你的暖暖晨光> with Yang Mi as one of the leads. Yang Mi’s fans swiftly reacted and voiced their concerns online. Many fans felt that the drama will be a disaster and the result will negatively impact Yang Mi’s image. In order to protect the actress, her fan clubs requested to meet with Jay Walk Studio to get a confirmation of Yang Mi’s role and a list of her co-stars.

Jay Walk Studio Response

To the surprise of many fans, Jay Walk Studio responded and criticized the fan club’s lack of knowledge of the industry, deleted their social media page and refused to further communicate on this matter.

This move caused fans to be increasingly dissatisfied with the studio. In retaliation, fans collectively went to Weibo and changed their profile picture to “Resist, Boycott Jay Walk Studio.” The boycott has been gaining grounds and some fans even attended Yang Mi’s public event carrying posters urging people to boycott Jay Walk Studio.

Believing that Jay Walk Studio is wasting Yang Mi’s talent, the fans brought forward demands for Yang Mi’s new drama. The demands include:

1)  Stop forcing promotional items on Yang Mi’s work

2)  Stop using Yang Mi’s star power to promote new production

3)  Stop using Yang Mi for the company’s gain

4)  Stop all Jay Walk’s in-house productions

5)  Stop casting leech-like males leads

6)  Hire better production team

7)  Choose more appropriate script for Yang Mi

Source: HK01

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

7 comments to Dissatisfied with Yang Mi’s Studio, Fans Organized a Boycott and Made 7 Demands

  1. babycakes says:

    Hahahaha demand #5!!!!!! Who are these “leech-like male leads” hahahaha

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  2. jcc10 says:

    Leech like male leads… so, Tao, Wallace, and vengo? Hahahaha

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  3. iciel says:

    #6 and 7 is somewhat reasonable but the rest are ridiculous lol. These children don’t know how the industry work. If the company can’t make money from their artist why do they even bother managing them?

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  4. yoyo says:

    All I can say to Jaywalk studio, The Flame’s Daughter is as dumb as Princess Agents but why is Princess Agents is super successful?
    Why don’t fans request that Jaywalk studio just go buy some water armies? Solve the problem of not achieving perfect 5 stars

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  5. tungamy says:

    This is stupid, Eternal Love had most of Jaywalk’s new people under Yang Mi and it did so well

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  6. khoobunny says:

    I thought Yang Mi owns or is a partner of Jay Walk Studio – isn’t that like boycotting Yang Mi. If it’s her studio, of course, it makes sense for her to lead some/most of the dramas and promote their own up-and-coming artistes.

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    • yoyo replied:


      I agree, they are totally boycotting YM.

      Is what they doing illegal?Why they hiding faces? If they are real fans, they shouldn’t need be afraid don’t you think?
      Would fans use time to go do that if they not paid???????? Looks like some competitor schemes are at play.

      Basically 1, they want to say YM sucks at acting.
      And 2, YM dramas sucks but she only use her popularity, anybody acting with her gets famous.

      About 1 – YM new drama with Wallace Huo isn’t doing well. Wallace and YM? 2 big stars? And still bad results? Where is her so call star power?

      About 2 – And, if actors are always riding off YM cocktail then shouldn’t each and every single people under JW studio famous by now? Why is only DLRB successful?

      YM acted for so long, she had many successful dramas.
      All these so call fans say “she sucks at acting” and need better dramas to prove her acting skills.
      She can’t even act at all and they are her fans, that’s just interesting.

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