Edwin Siu Admits Pursuing Priscilla Wong

Hong Kong tabloids snapped photos of Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) spending 60 hours at Edwin Siu‘s (蕭正楠) apartment on May 5. The couple carried bags of groceries into Edwin’s home, seemingly ready to enjoy a private session of snuggling time. Priscilla and Edwin have been involved for six months and are allegedly co-habiting.

Was Priscilla the Third Wheel?

gigi_hoEdwin’s sudden involvement with Priscilla came as a surprise. Since 2011, Edwin has been dating TVB artiste, Gigi Ho (何傲芝).  As Edwin became more promoted by TVB, his workload increased, leaving him less time to spend with Gigi. During their relationship, it was also reported that Gigi’s father did not approve of Edwin due to the financial disparity between the two families. 

Although Edwin never publicly admitted his dating relationship with Gigi, it was an open secret. Although Edwin’s relationship with Gigi deteriorated over the last six months, he did not announce that they have broken up, making others easily mistaken Priscilla as the third wheel.

While not commenting directly on the tabloid’s claims, Gigi said that she will support Edwin’s decision as a friend.

Priscilla’s Awkward Response

Appearing at a promotion for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Priscilla was embarrassed when asked to clarify her relationship with Edwin. She said, “Sorry, is it okay if I don’t answer this question?” She added, “I want to digest this piece of news first. I have not seen the report and don’t know what are the contents. For now, I won’t respond until I understand it further.”

Edwin Admits Being Interested in Priscilla

Edwin is eager to clear Priscilla’s label as a third wheel. He said, “I read the report last night and felt that Priscilla is burdened with facing the issue by herself, so I’m speaking up. We became good friends after filming Madam Housewife <師奶Madam>. During our collaboration, I discovered she is a wonderful woman and is very pure. We were very compatible during filming.”

Edwin praised Priscilla as being a “goddess” in his eyes and admitted his admiration for her “very pure personality”.  Edwin said, “It’s rarely seen, so that’s why I’m so brave! I hope that there’s room to develop further.” However, he denied that they were living together. Asked how long he has pursued Priscilla, he said, “I don’t know. We don’t think about time when you’re friends. I’m still trying hard!”

Source: ihktv.com; On.cc

This article is written by Jayne for JayneStars.com.

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  1. At least this guy was quick to try to dismiss any “third wheel” issues. Taking notes Moses?

    1. If you’re referring to Moses Chan then leave him alone. He’s happily married with a kid. Let the past stay in the past.

      1. I wish nothing but happiness to Moses and Amy. He’s actually one of my favourite TVB actors. But just because something happened in the past doesn’t mean he can’t take notes to improve himself.

        I wonder how he’d feel if someone treated his daughter the same way he acted?

      2. And yes, I know he has a son… I’m talking in the sense of “what if” – something I was taught to do myself.

      3. Yay They are the new Moses and Aimee!! Finally no more Moses and Aimee!!

      4. I don’t believe they are the next power couple. Edwin status still not that high compare to Moses!!

      5. Apple Daily lol !! Watch this is about Edwin and Priscilla!!

    2. Tvbfanatic,
      Since Priscilla was photographed staying at Edwin’s home for extended hours, there’s no way they are able to deny it.

      It’s different if they were photographed sharing a ride versus Priscilla entering his home building.

      Anyway, I’m caught by surprise. Always thought Priscilla is dating Tony Hung.

      1. I was hoping that Priscilla and Tony were a real pair too. They have so much chemistry in their travelogue show. Too bad it turns out they are not.

      2. Kidd,
        “I was hoping that Priscilla and Tony were a real pair too.”

        Guess they are just good work partners after all. Never saw the possibility between Edwin and Priscilla. We’ll have to see whether they have sizzling chemistry in “Madam Housewife”.

  2. Wow Edwin, good choice. Priscilla is freaking pretty lol. She has a lot of potential still as an actress. Keep improving Edwin.

    1. me too Wow Edwin..work harder..Priscilla is beatiful person both inside and outside.

      1. Priscilla seems like a good girl indeed. Many artists have praised her before and from what I have seen of her in interviews and shows she seems like a very friendly and genuine person.

    2. Agree- Priscilla is quite pretty indeed! Her appearance is quite unique too imo

  3. I knew something was up from the way Priscilla responded to the rumours so ambiguously yesterday

    1. yeah she was like. i dunnoe what is going on. actually i need to see what is up before i can confirm with everyone else. she did not deny the relationship right away. lol … grats. this pair is new and fresh. yeah i was thinking the same. i guess priscilla didnt choose tony, he seem more like a friend/partner for a show. although they did have chemistry. i actually like this pair, Edwin & Priscilla.

  4. Damn! Feel sorry for Gigi. Sounds like she was pretty keen on him. That’s what happen when daddy gets in the way

  5. There is a difference between pursuing and dating. Which is which? Because my impression is they are dating and he admitted it.

    1. Funn,
      Edwin didn’t want to outright admit that they are dating so he said that they are in the midst of “developing” and that he’s trying hard to pursue her. 🙂

    2. “Priscilla Wong spending 60 hours at Edwin Siu‘s apartment”

      “The couple carried bags of groceries into Edwin’s home”

      “Priscilla and Edwin have been involved for six months”

      Sounds more than pursuing and more than just dating but need more time to confirm and not ready to “let the cat out of the bag yet”. So, answers are conservative and cautious.

  6. Sounds like they are dating, but they’re trying to play it off. Whatever works for them.

  7. wow did not see that coming at all.

    Alot of netizens on weibo disproves of their relationship, but it seems like (for right now) people here are more accepting. I hope Edwin isn’t as “賤” as most people describe him to be. I wish them all the best!

  8. you cant really see developing in this relationship. since Priscilla stayed at his house for freakin 13 hours. unless that she fainted, or it was raining so hard, or the car broke down n too lazy to call the taxi. actually wait there’s no reason to stay at a new “guy” friends’ house unless it’s much much more.

    1. maybe they are playing wargame in da house you never know….

  9. Hope Edwin and Priscilla the best. I don’t understand how someone can take pictures of another person spending 60 hours at someone’s house. Obviously it can’t be 60 hours in 1 day so what period of time is this? A week, a month, a year? Makes a big difference.

  10. Edwin cheated on his gf Gigi Ho!!! They were still dating in Feb!! Yesterday interview he said he were single for a long time? Really I still see video/magazine of u and gigi eating out as late as Feb!! You can tell from Gigi webio she’s sad!

    1. wow really? That’s really interesting…where’s your source though?

    2. Erm, earlier this year in Jan, Gigi said in interview that she’s single.

      1. What do you mean evil can’t beat the good!! Priscilla is a good person!! I don’t believe she will do that!!

      2. Gigi’s statement is aimed at Edwin, referring to the same remark he made which offended Juno Mak and got him banished to Mainland China.

        It’s more like Gigi is bitter because Edwin rebounded from break up pretty soon, plus he went public immediately with Priscilla vs their 3 yr underground relationship. Gigi just terminated her TVB contract, pretty obvious she’s milking the publicity for all it’s worth. In front of the press, she said she’s still friends with Edwin, wish him the best, happiness etc. But on her weibo, she keep on dropping hints – who else but to raise tabloid curiosity.

        I’m not saying Edwin & Priscilla are innocent angels, but Gigi is trying to play victim card here.

      3. Gigi is an actress too??? Is she is the same rich heiress that Edwin used to date?? I am getting confused.

      4. Not sure if Gigi acted, she hosted TVB entertainment news. Yes, she is the rich heiress (formerly). Her father declared bankrupt around Feb/March this year.

      5. Thanks for the info,Sehseh. Hm… She is now no longer the rich heiress. What coincidence that they broke up around that time period. I guess it shows that life is unpredictatable and you can be rich one moment but poor the next.

      6. Gigi Ho acted in ‘Queens of Diamonds and Hearts’ as Louis Yuen’s sister.

      7. Isn’t it interesting that he put up with the relationship before, fell for Priscilla during Housewife Madam and coincidentally broke up with Gigi after she’s no longer a wealthy heiress? To top it off for this one, he’s willingly appear on national television to share his dating woes while being underground before with Gigi.

    3. Not sure if he cheated or not but none of us know for sure. I thought he was dating some rich heiress? Did they break up???

      1. the rich heiress you referring is Gigi ho. They been together for 3 years

  11. Priscilla Wong is a new favorite that took over Raymond’s cousin and Mandy Wong’s place . She’s not a great actress but there’s a sense of comfort when I see her on my screen. It’s like, you can relate to her. Edwin isn’t a bad choice. Priscilla and Jade kwan shows similarity, so this is not such a shocker either.

      1. Priscilla Wong is way-way-way better than Lin Xia Wei, LF’s cousin.

  12. Somehow this sounds like a publicity stunt to me ahead of the screening of their new drama. The timing is too much of a coincidence and they were conveniently snapped carrying bags of groceries into his apt where she spent 60 hrs and again they’ve been together for 6 months. Why does it all sound so familiar? If they wanted to keep it under wraps they certainly didn’t try very hard!

  13. Never really liked Priscilla but good luck to them.

  14. Probably Priscilla Wong suits Edwin Siu better because of the pressure he had from Gigi Ho’s dad. Even if Gigi and Edwin decide to get married, Edwin will have this kind of pressure from Gigi’s family for a long time until he gets super rich and popular. This will never be good for any marriage. Edwin will be happier when he dates Priscilla Wong.

    1. Very true and it is hard to marry the rich. With the girls, they are accused of gold digging while with the guys they are accused of not being good enough. I guess it is better in general to marry someone with a similar financial status.

  15. WOW never would I have thought these two would come together as a couple, but now that they are, they are actually quite cute! I wish them all the best !!!!! x

  16. Nice publicity for two B/C grade TVB artistes.Good job on milking the relationship.

  17. Priscilla is indeed very lucy girl, since she just average looking and bleh bleh acting skills.
    Edwin is handsome and can act.
    Anyways, wish them the best.

    1. looks are just for the short terms,no mather how good looking you are,one day you will become ugly, but a good character is forever.and since edwin praise her character is very pure,he is attracted to her inside more than her outside i think.

      1. Well said Kolo and a person’s character is what should last a lifetime versus looks which is short term. We all get old one day.

  18. Gigi Ho is uglier, I would choose Wong BB too. Besides Gigi’s father is overprotective and hard to please, better to break off and get the prettier girl before too late

  19. but i think Priscilla wong looks way better then gigi ho
    priscilla wong is much happier but GIGI ho i don’t really know her personality relationship with Edwin SIU but i like priscilla wong better then GIGI HO!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Aww dk why but I feel really bad for Tony Hung. Seems like he really liked Priscilla and sounded really sad in one of their interviews :O

  21. I prefer Priscilla with Tony more than Edwin Siu.

  22. Edwin is the real @$$hole here,what was he thinking putting such a nice girl as he described it in the spotlight?why can’t he dump his garbage properly before pursuing a nice girl?so he got fed up with his old gf with all the problems and pursue another girl,wonder what will happen when he sees another nicer girl?

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