Edwin Siu Reveals Why He Fell in Love With Priscilla Wong

Having achieved success early on in his singing career, one controversial statement against fellow singer, Juno Mak (麥浚龍), in 2003 caused Edwin Siu’s (蕭正楠) career to plummet. Although he experienced his lowliest days, he made a successful comeback as an actor at TVB. When recalling the rough times, Edwin smilingly recalled that, despite the drawback, he was fortunately able to seek peace and tranquility and has matured from the incident.

Today, Edwin enjoys success in both his acting career as well as his publicized romance with fellow actress, Priscilla Wong (黃翠如). When reflecting on the year of 2014, Edwin proclaims that his greatest reward was falling in love with Priscilla after filming Madam Cutie on Duty <師奶Madam>. “Unlike many female actresses who cannot withstand hardships or who focus too much on beauty, she is a very simple girl. I always see her without makeup and she only sleeps for a few hours a day during filming. Even when she fell sick, she continued working. She is very hardworking. I observed that she was friendly with crew members. Knowing the strenuous behind-the-scenes work, she’ll buy food for everyone. All these little things made me notice her more.”

Rough Start in Love

The couple was faced with hurdles early on in their relationship. When their romance was publicized, the media quickly painted Priscilla as the third party who came in between Edwin’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Gigi Ho (何傲芝). “The reports were so bad that it really affected her mood.” He further added, “Every time the media writes about it, she gets very unhappy and thinks, ‘Have they written enough yet?’ However, each time we overcome an obstacle, our relationship evolves.”

Although Edwin desires to have children, he believes that it is important to establish his career before starting a family. When asked whether he sees Priscilla as an ideal marriage partner, Edwin smiled, “This is not up to me. We have to see what she thinks. Give us a little more time. It’s too fast.”

Simplicity is Best

Although celebrities are often perceived to be beautiful and glamorous, Edwin believes that because of their simplicity, he and Priscilla are exceptionally compatible. Rather than spending extravagantly for romance, they instead enjoy spending their dates walking the beaches.

Inspired by the robot in the anime Castle in the Sky <天空之城>, whose head was constructed from rocks, the couple established their own romantic gist of collecting rocks. “We decided to gather rocks to surround the robot’s head. One time, we were so silly that we drove all the way to Tai Mo Shan to pick rocks. In the end, the rock we found was too big to move into the car!” From then on, the couple would collect a rock wherever they went as a memento.

Source: stheadline.com

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. They are so sweet! I’m so glad that such love story can happen in the entertainment circle…. He’s right; simplicity is the best. Why is it that guys these days can’t be like him? Why can’t simple girls be attractive too?

    1. “Why is that guys these days can’t be like him?”

      Has everyone forgotten about the cheating part already??

      1. Yea.. ur right. Guys these days don’t knw how to appreciate purity and simplicity. They like to chase after the pretentious girls instead.

  2. I’m actually enjoying their drama a lot. It’s simple but at the same time it’s relaxing and nice to watch

    1. i also think the drama was a great one. wonder how their love develop soon in the drama

  3. Priscilla is genuine good girl. I hope their relationship will stay strong, they’re a very cute couple, love their chemistry in 師奶Madam.

  4. Not a fan of Priscilla, but gotta say this article is quite cute.

  5. They are a really cute couple! 🙂 It was so sweet how Edwin was so happy for Priscilla when she won her award last year!

    1. Edwin is not bad looking…like ruco, he can sing. hope tvb will groom him.
      a couple should be happy and support each other.

  6. Edwin and Priscilla are cute and sweet. I like their current drama very much, fun and relaxing. Simplicity is the best.
    Best wishes to Edwin and Priscilla.

  7. Edwin very fortunate to meet Priscilla…i agree she very caring person

  8. It is very true that very few actresses would go for simplicity. Makeup and glamorous clothes are super important to them even in filming. Edwin is lucky to find such an girl in the entertainment circle.

  9. I happy that they found each other. I hope they will get married soon and have kids. They look really cute together!

  10. Good for them to find love, but still dislike both of them as actors

  11. I also like Priscilla for being real. There are too many actresses acting cute with too much makeup, circle lenses and etc. Very cute looking couple.

  12. They are cute as a couple but sorry, Priscilla really cant act

  13. I really cannot believe there are people who find Madam Cutie On Duty a good drama. After watching 8 episodes, I still can’t grasp what is the main plot or any sub-plots for that matter. It looks to be just an excuse for Edwin and Priscilla to act together. There’s no exciting or suspenseful scenes and the whole comedy dimension seems so contrived. Many of my friends have already decided to stop watching. But still it’s not as bad as Tiger Cub 2 made worse by Linda Chung extremely bad acting.

    1. just because you didnt like linda chung’s acting in tiger cubs 2.. it doesnt mean other people didn’t.

      Liza Wang praised her during the tvb awards, saying that we saw a very different Linda Chung, different from what we usually see.

  14. They’re so cute together. I like Priscilla but not as an actress. Madame Cutie is is ok tv serie, just something to watch when u got nothing to watch lol.

  15. Well, it’s great that they found their love, but I cant help but feel irritated with Edwin to milk on their relationship most of the time!!! He is the one keeps on describing and give details of their date. Well, if you dont want media to butt in ur relationship, pls dont media play ur relationship in the first place!!!!

  16. I like Madam Cutie on duty! I was sad when this drama ended, but I hope they will make a sequel to this drama!

    To be honest, at first I didn’t pay attention to Edwin or Priscilla (prior to watching this drama), but after watching it, I really like them! They are both a cute couple! I also believe Priscilla is genuinely a good girl on her end, and her simplicity is what makes her unique, I can see what Edwin means when he said why he falls in love with her. I do hope their relationship will keep growing and become stronger with every obstacle they overcome together because this is what’s most important in a stable relationship! I wish them all the best! <3

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