Elaine Ng Arrested Again: Daughter Reports Her to Police

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Elaine Ng Arrested Again: Daughter Reports Her to Police

On the early morning of March 24, Elaine Ng (吳綺莉) was arrested on suspicion of threatening her 17-year-old daughter, Etta Ng (吳卓林). It was Etta herself who reported her mother to the police.

According to the sources, Elaine wanted her daughter to take some medication, but Etta insistently refused to take them. The two started to quarrel, which resulted in Elaine allegedly saying, “Since you won’t take them, just die!” Etta then reported her mother to the police, accusing her of intimidation, and Elaine was arrested.

Elaine and Etta’s case was followed by the Wan Chai Police Station. After an entire morning of questioning, Elaine was finally released on Friday afternoon.

The actress was confronted by reporters when she reached her residential complex that night. She dismissed questions and told the reporters to leave. Elaine looked sickly and her eyes were red. When asked if she had contacted her daughter, Elaine swiftly said, “No!”

Elaine gave much more elaborate responses to the reporters the next morning. She said, “It was a typical family spat. Parents being a little too harsh on their kids. I’m still learning.” (Is Etta still mad?) “She’s calmed down.” (Will Etta be living with you again?) “Of course she will. It’s her home after all.” (Where is she now?) “She’s at a safe place.”

Asking if Etta has forgiven her, Etta said, “We are mother and daughter. Family. I apologize for this. Because I am in this industry, it became a big deal. I will handle this with care.”

Would this case be considered criminal intimidation? Elaine said, “I don’t know. I need to consult my lawyer. Let’s not make this into a bigger issue.”

Sources: QQ.com, On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

12 comments to Elaine Ng Arrested Again: Daughter Reports Her to Police

  1. funnlim says:

    I think people shouldn’t be allowed to waste public resources and police time. Unless it is real threat, maybe the daughter should be arrested instead. If the threat is real, pls charge the mother. Stop wasting police precious time where people in real need could benefit more.

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  2. heather says:

    From the article, it seems as if they are just having a spat! Is “go die” an intimidation? When my parents yell at me, they’ve said harsher words! It seems as though Etta is very immature and rather ungrateful towards her mother.

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  3. cuckoo says:

    Wonder what kind of medication she forced the daughter to drink. She looks thin and sickly. Hope she has stronger spirit

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  4. coralie says:

    Not that that’s the correct way to scold someone, but coming from a family who has said stuff even worse to me…this kind of ill-wish on someone is nothing.

    Etta seems seriously spoiled. Her mom must’ve spent all her effort in trying to compensate for her lack of a dad by treating her extra well.

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  5. megamiaow says:

    What is wrong with the police responding to something so trivial? The daughter seems to have major issues.

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  6. nomad822 says:

    Agreeing with every single comment made.

    Oh puleeze, you foolish drama queen.
    This idiotic child needs to wake up, instead of acting out against of all people – her own mother! who had to bring her up single-handedly.

    She’s going grow up to be some menace in the world. So much drama.

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  7. hayden says:

    If what written in this article is accurate, then this child is indeed a spoilt problematic teenager seeking for attention. But is not easy growing up in a single parent with no siblings.

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  8. llwy12 says:

    I honestly feel there is something seriously wrong with Etta. This is the second time she has called the cops on her mom over some petty, insignificant issue (last time, Etta actually admitted to lying about her mother abusing her and the excuse she gave was that she was concerned that her mom was drinking too much and thought that claiming abuse would get her to stop drinking).

    By the way, Elaine gave an in-depth interview to Mingpao and explained exactly what happened. The gist of it is this: Elaine did not force Etta to take any medication. It was actually Etta who had some unknown medication on her that Elaine was afraid she was abusing so she woke her up in the middle of the night when she got back from work to question her. Both were tired and in bad moods, so of course they argued and some things were said that shouldn’t have been said. Then both went back to their rooms and Elaine said that the next thing she knew, when she woke up, there were a bunch of cops in her home and not long after that, she was arrested. Apparently, Etta also has suicidal tendencies and Elaine actually caught her trying to slit her wrist more than once.

    I’ve never really liked Elaine but I do feel sorry for the predicament she is in. It’s already not easy being a single mother — add to that the pressures of being in the entertainment industry (where everything you do and say is subject to public scrutiny and criticism), plus having to deal with a problem child like Etta. I hope Elaine gets through this ok (since it’s not over yet, as she is essentially out on bail and is due in court in a couple weeks unless the charges are dropped).

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  9. hannah says:

    i find Etta is so immature. I mean most parent will scream, shout and curse you when i really mad. I do feel sorry for Elaine as mother single.

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  10. happybi says:

    Both Mom and daughter have issue. Etta seem to be crying out for attention. But doesn’t she know what she does will affect her Mom image and she might not be able to find work in HK? How foolish can this girl be. Especially since she is the only taking care of her at this point. If she expect her aiya ah Dad to come in to help out.. keep dreaming. Elaine is not helping herself so taking these crap from her. Police shouldn’t even need to be involve! What a waste of their time.

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    • aiya replied:

      Just for the record, I have no relation to these two loonies. LOL!!

      Above all these people should get some intensive family counseling and stop airing all their dysfunctional episodes for public viewing.

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      • happybi replied:

        @aiya ehehheehhe too funny! You know what i mean buddy.

        Yes, they need help. Both have issue. Etta is not young. need to grow up!!!!

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