Fans Think Show Luo’s New Girlfriend is Trashy

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Fans Think Show Luo’s New Girlfriend is Trashy

Taiwanese pop star Show Luo (羅志祥) was recently spotted spending two nights with mainland Chinese Internet celebrity, Grace Chow (周揚青), at a hotel in Shanghai. He later posted an ambiguous message on his Sina Weibo, seemingly confirming his relationship with Grace. However, many of Show’s fans expressed discontentment with his new beau.

On June 16, Grace was seen arriving in Shanghai, where Show is currently filming the variety show, Go Fighting! <極限挑戰>. She waited in one area for approximately ten minutes, during which she busied herself by scrolling through her cell phone and smoking a cigarette.

After receiving a message on her phone, she headed to a hotel – the same hotel that Show went to after finishing his work for the day. The two were originally in separate rooms, but Show reportedly rested in his room for only a little while before entering hers and spending the night there. He spent the next night at her hotel room as well.

The next day, Show posted a message on Weibo, saying, “Yes… thank you, everyone! Teachers, it’s been hard on you too! But I will still work hard and do my job well! Please remember every Sunday evening~ be on time to watch Go Fighting!

Although the subject of his Weibo message is not clear, many netizens suspect that he is indeed confirming that he and Grace are in a relationship.

Four Years of Flirting

Born in Beijing in 1988, Grace is nine years younger than Show, who will turn 36 this year. This is not the first time they have been mired in romantic reports. As early as 2011, sharp-eyed netizens had already spotted the two of them engaging in flirtatious behavior. At the time, however, Show’s manager angrily rebuked fans for making up rumors.

Last year, the rumors crept up again after Show and Grace posted Instagram photos featuring similar clothing, necklaces, and poses. Neither one confirmed their relationship, instead stating that they were simply friends.

Nevertheless, Show and Grace were later photographed vacationing together in Japan. Also present was Show’s mother, suggesting that he had already introduced Grace to her.

Fans Accuse Grace of Plastic Surgery, Money Worshipping

Grace ChowAlthough Grace is very popular online – she is known as the “little Angelababy” and has more than 90,000 followers on Weibo – the majority of Show’s fans have expressed disappointment at their idol’s new girlfriend.

Many of them are turned off by her smoking habit, while others suspect her of having undergone plastic surgery. Based on old pictures, Grace’s previous figure was plumper, her face was rounder, and her features were more ordinary.

Some fans are also disgusted by Grace’s fondness of showing off her brand-name apparel and expensive cosmetic products on Weibo. One netizen even posted that Grace’s father is the executive of a large-scale state enterprise, while Grace herself dropped out of school and was later sent to England to finish her studies. However, the truth of this statement has yet to be verified.

“I still don’t understand why you would find a plastic surgery monster who loves smoking and worships money,” one fan angrily wrote on Show’s Weibo. Another lamented, “I really cannot give you my heartfelt blessings. I just hope that you will do well and no longer injure the hearts of your fans.”

Other fans took to the Weibo account of Show’s mother, asking her if she was satisfied with her son’s girlfriend. “How can you give your beloved son over to such a woman?” they asked. “One look at her, and you can tell she’s a spendthrift! How come we’ve followed Show for this long, only to wait for trash like this?”


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  • 14 comments to Fans Think Show Luo’s New Girlfriend is Trashy

    1. tess says:

      His fans are right…and wait a minute, she reminds me of AB!

      Login or Register before you can reply to tess
    2. spearmintx3 says:

      As Show fan , I am slightly disappointed!
      I mean he can do better, like why he gotta choose someone who smokes, possibly had plastic surgery, & like other say “worship” money!

      Hopefully this relationship doesn’t last long! Like really HE CAN really do better!

      Login or Register before you can reply to spearmintx3
      • msxie0714 replied:


        Show had plastic surgery also. He looks completely different from his days before eye surgery. And a quite a few of these big stars are smokers.

        Login or Register before you can reply to msxie0714
        • spearmintx3 replied:

          @msxie0714 i don’t think he had ps . i mean i been his fan for a quite some time & during those time when i was obsessed with him, i dig info & his past pics! his past and his present face still looks the same, it is probably make up

          Login or Register before you can reply to spearmintx3
    3. Oh my god. Some fans are so crazy and delusional. Do they think they really have a right to say whether or who your idol should be dating?

      And not to mention, they don’t even know her! There is nothing wrong with plastic surgery and smoking is unhealthy yes but it’s no reason to write off a person based on an unhealthy habit.

      Login or Register before you can reply to peanutbutterjelly
      • holiday replied:

        @peanutbutterjelly 100% agree with you. He can date whoever he wants to. I feel bad for his gf they don’t even know her and yet they’re bashing on her out of jealousy. sorry for to the girls out there who think they’ll marry their idol tough luck!

        Login or Register before you can reply to holiday
        • spearmintx3 replied:

          @holiday @peanutbetterjelly I think the fan are mad at him because the way the reporter wrote about her make the fan dislike her. i mean he can totally do better with his fame, money , status. & plus i think they totally didn’t imagine him going out with someone who smokes, had ps, golddigger, you name it.

          it is not necessary bc fan thinks and delusion that they could date him or something, bc truly his fans wants him to get marry and have kids already.

          As a fan of his, i am slightly disappointed at him. but it is his choice, so just yeah.

          Login or Register before you can reply to spearmintx3
        • spearmintx3 replied:


          Login or Register before you can reply to spearmintx3
        • @spearmintx3 I mean the fact that they judge her based on the very little and superficial things that they know about her and calling her a ‘golddigger’ or ‘trashy’ speaks more about the fans’ own personality than about her imo.

          Shouldn’t they at least trust their idol’s judgement? Let’s face it, he can get a lot of girls if he wanted to so maybe she really is very special? Funny, kind, family oriented… She could be all that. Before the fans accuse him of not looking beyond looks maybe they should be the ones first that try to do that with her.

          And lastly, as cheesy as this may sound, ‘love’ is more than calculating status or ‘worthiness’ (whatever that means) of a person you date.

          Login or Register before you can reply to peanutbutterjelly
    4. coralie says:

      Honestly I’m also disappointed with Show. I mean, from the way he is onscreen and off, I assume he has integrity. And someone with integrity, I believe, would look for others who have integrity too.

      This girl, who chose plastic surgery, is an exact AB wannabe (except prettier imo.) There IS nothing wrong with plastic surgery. BUT you have to wonder the kind of mentality behind people who choose plastic surgery. Is their self esteem so low they need to enhance their appearance physically to feel good about themselves internally? And maybe you’ll say, yeah, maybe they do feel they need this as a pick-me-up. Which is also fine. At the end of the day, some work with what what they have and some who are have-nots will choose the alternative. Those who choose the alternative, are smart, but not necessarily good models in life. This is one reason why AB never appealed to me. For that reason, Show’s new girl also don’t appeal to me.

      And she smokes. Ew.

      I guess I’m not surprised though, considering Show used to date Makiyo, who isn’t an astounding person either. I don’t know if he’s just attracted to people who are complete opposite of him, or there’s actually some sinister reason there – like he’s also a terrible person but fakes it really well.

      Login or Register before you can reply to coralie
      • @coralie oh come on, accusing her of lacking integrity is such a harsh judgement- and not to mention: baseless. Unless she’s flatly lied about her procedures or something I don’t see any evidence of her lacking integrity. Undergoing cosmetic surgery doesn’t corrupt your moral values as a person you know.

        Whatever mentality was behind her decision, at the end of the day the ONLY thing you can be sure of is: she’s so unhappy with her looks that she choose to alter it with invasive surgeries and going through a lot of pain. Presumably. Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t think we (people who didn’t have cosmetic surgeries) have mor integrity or a better in any way than people who did. What you DON’T know about people having plastic surgeries: 1) If they are a ‘terrible’ person (which you seem to imply), 2) how kind they are, 3) how their personalities are like 4) so much more.

        Login or Register before you can reply to peanutbutterjelly
    5. funnlim says:

      Doesn’t he have an arrogant reputation too? Anyway yrashy is. A harsh word to use. Materialistic maybe?

      Login or Register before you can reply to funnlim
    6. chocobunny says:

      Wow! She looks…………..scary!

      Login or Register before you can reply to chocobunny
    7. dramadrama says:

      Why are people upset bout his choice of gf???
      Gold digger?? I am sure he can afford to let her spend.
      PS? So what? Look at korea top idols. As long as they feel better after PS, what’s wrong?? And you can’t deny that she looked wayyyy prettier after PS.
      Smoking?? Like hellooooooooo……. it’s more difficult to find someone who DON’T smoke now. And he smokes too rite?
      As long as they are happy, it’s their problem. Anyway, he is no Mr innocent too.

      Login or Register before you can reply to dramadrama