Frankie Lam Cheated on Kenix Kwok and Threatened Suicide?

Kenix Kwok and Frankie Lam’s marriage took on a rocky turn with the recent alleged third party involvement of maianland actress, Vicki Dong. A Hong Kong tabloid magazine recently received a CD-ROM containing excerpts of recorded phone conversations with speakers that closely resemble Frankie and Kenix’s voices in discussion over Frankie’s affair. Kenix’s manager, Wang T.C. Chang, said that a statement will be issued shortly to address the recent rumors.

Frankie’s Affair Surfaced; Contemplated Suicide

Often perceived by the public as the ideal couple, Kenix and Frankie have been married for five years. Over the years, numerous marriage discord rumors have surfaced, which the couple denied each time. However, perhaps the rumors did not surface without reason. A Hong Kong tabloid magazine uploaded one-hour sound clip of Kenix and Frankie’s alleged conversations over the affair online. The clips contain various excerpts from conversations recorded over a span of several months. In one of the conversations, a speaker resembling Frankie admitted to Kenix’s manager that he had an affair and contemplated suicide.

In one of the conversations, Frankie asked Kenix’s manager, Wang T.C. Chang, “You’ve seen those photos of Vicki Dong and I together. What kind of photos are they?” Wang replied, “They are normal photos of you and Vicki in a bedroom. I asked Vicki if she had photographed the pictures and she said no. The photos are not [incriminating nor racy], but Kenix would be very unhappy if she saw them.”

In a frustrated voice, Frankie said to T.C. Chang, “I do not know why Miss Dong told you about our relationship. Are you able to persuade Miss Dong to give you the photographs? If I can not clear up this issue, I will swallow two bottles of sleeping pills!” [Frankie hinted at committing suicide.]

After a short pause, Frankie said “Yesterday, I was honest with Kenix and told her that I was involved with Vicki Dong for a short period of time. I am sure to face the consequences of this. When I became involved with Vicki, Kenix and I were at the most unhappiest point in our marriage.”

In the recording, T. C. Chang told Frankie, “One day, we were at a bar. Suddenly Vicki Dong cried and asked me whether I knew Kenix Kwok. I said yes and she asked about Kenix and your relationship. Afterwards, Vicki said, ‘At one time, I was involved with Frankie Lam.’”

The Root Cause of Marriage Discord: Frankie Does Not Earn Enough Money

Frankie and Kenix both appeared at the premiere of the newly re-edited version of Ashes of Time <東邪西毒> earlier this year. But rumors of the pair’s marriage discord surfaced in late 2008. In the last two years, Frankie has suffered declining popularity and was no longer a favored actor at TVB. As a result, Frankie had to field Kenix’s frequent complaints.

In a sound clip, Frankie said, “Every day, Kenix complained why I did not accept a new filming project. She complained about many things. It is not because I did not look for work, however I did not come across anything suitable. I am not the boss and can not call the shots to start a multi-million-dollar project. Originally, there was discussion about filming an ad, but the contract fell through the last minute.”

Frankie also revealed that his living expenses with Kenix were extremely high and there were many financial constraints. He did not have any dignity at home and often needed Kenix’s approval for many things. In fact, since the pair started acting in the industry, Kenix’s money-making ability always exceeded Frankie. In 2008, although Kenix did not film any series, she took on several modeling jobs and still made more money than Frankie.

Latest Developments

Apparently, Kenix was aware of Frankie’s affair with Vicki Dong. There were also rumors that she was three months pregnant and very angry at Frankie. Earlier, reporters spotted Kenix shopping by herself at a Causeway Bay shop. Wearing a brand-name dress and carried a luxury Hermes handbag, she bought some discount street fashion and her facial expression appeared pale and sad. After paying for the merchandise, Kenix’s assistant carried the bags for her. Afterwards, Kenix quickly entered a car and left.

Another source said that Kenix and Frankie have already separated. Allegedly, Kenix’s manager, T.C. Chang will address the public with any press questions.

Vicki Dong
Chinese actress, Vicki Dong, hosted several television programs before and met Frankie in 2007 while filming From 9 to 5 <朝九晚無> in Shanghai. She fell hard for the married actor.

In Vicki’s personal blog entry dated October 5, 2008, she wrote about her perspective on love, “Whether it is good or bad, the most important thing is to know the truth.” In an October 20 entry, Vicki watched the movie Sex and the City upon a friend’s recommendation. The film apparently resonated with Vicki, who shared, “During heart break, my mind was filled with images of ‘Mr. Wrong’ and his past.” It appears that Vicki had experienced a period of emotional trauma at the time.

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Jayne: In the Sudden Weekly article, Frankie mentions that Kenix is a demanding wife, which Kenix admits to. In the recorded conversation, Kenix also said that Frankie tried in many ways to repair their marriage after the affair was revealed. He accompanied her to Sabah to finish filming of “Born Rich” earlier. Despite these attempts, Kenix said she will not forgive Frankie so easily. It is quite sad to read of the couple’s marital problems and Frankie’s justification for cheating based on Kenix’s demanding behavior.


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